What is Maiyro?

Maiyro is a platform where bloggers write articles, take part in discussions, build their professional profiles, and engage in writing opportunities. We value supportive and constructive dialogue in the pursuit of great blog pieces and career growth for all members. The ecosystem spans from beginner to advanced writers, and all are welcome to find their place within our community.

What is the Maiyro community?

Maiyro users can write blogs and take part in discussions, allowing them to express themselves in as many words as they want. Writer's block is a common problem amongst writers and we believe that engaging in a community of diverse writers is a great way to get your creative juices going.
Maiyro users can build their professional profiles to gain exposure and demonstrate their talents and skills to gain social proof. Thereby allowing them to engage in writing opportunities from potential clients or hiring managers.
Maiyro users can subscribe to topics that they are interested in and can view the activity of those topics from the comfort of their own news feed. Thereby allowing them to create a news feed that's to their tasting.
We make it our goal to keep the information and data being passed around within the Maiyro community accurate, reliable and trustworthy. Ensuring that the community remains healthy and enjoyable.
Maiyro users can also view analytical data for their blogs, displaying weekly growth rates, the number of unique visitors, the average engagement rate and the projected growth rate; giving them access to crucial data to grow their blogs.