What is Maiyro?

Maiyro is a new social network allowing users to stay informed by following their favourite bloggers and it allows bloggers to easily share with their followers and build their network. Users also have a unique news feed that is built for them.

What is the difference between Maiyro and other social networks?
Maiyro users can write longer posts and blogs. Allowing you to express yourself in as many words as you want.
We also share some of our ad revenue with users who have a lot of views on their posts (this will be based on our sole discretion). This allows for our most trusted bloggers to flourish within our community.
You can subscribe to topics that you are interested in and can view the activity of those topics from the comfort of your own news feed. Thereby allowing you to create a news feed that's to your tasting.
We make it our goal to keep the information and data being passed around within the Maiyro community accurate, reliable and trustworthy. Ensuring that the community remains healthy and enjoyable.
You can also view analytical data for your posts. We display weekly growth rates, the number of unique visitors, the average engagement rate and the projected growth rate for your blogs; giving you access to crucial data to grow your blogs.