Content Taxonomist

United Kingdom Packt Full-time £35000.0/yr - £40000.0/yr
17 days ago

Job Description:

About the job


Packt is looking for a taxonomist to help organize, enrich and help users tap into its extensive library of content, comprising some thousands of books in computing and tech. The taxonomies and other data structures you help to create and maintain will be used in our platform to deliver novel features and functionality that help our users meet their professional objectives.

This is a new role in a young business unit, and as such you will have the opportunity to play a part in shaping the approaches we take and the tools we use.


* Analyze Packt tech content, to build a range of information resources that classify and model that content, from simple lists of terms and indexes through to full-blown taxonomies and ontologies

* Work with colleagues from across the business to develop user-facing platform features that exploit taxonomic and other metadata resources to deliver great user experience

* Process new content as it is published, to ensure it is assimilated into systems effectively and thereby becomes visible to advanced search and discovery functionality

* Maintain the taxonomic and other information resources, and help evolve them in line with changing platform requirements

* Devise novel use cases that exploit the information resources to the full

* Work with developers to craft an effective toolset for carrying out the above functions

About you

You will be able to offer some combination of the following:

* Practical experience in the classification of textual material in one or more knowledge domains, and / or in the construction and use of thesauri, ontologies, etc.

* Understanding of the basics of information retrieval

* Degree in library and information science, or similar, or equivalent experience

* Experience of working with databases and other software systems and tools relevant to content management and classification

* Experience of briefing and working with software developers to build tools and systems for analyzing, managing, and discovering content

You will be a creative problem-solver with an understanding of the realities of working in a fast-paced commercial environment. You enjoy using advanced technologies effectively, and value analytic rigour and thoroughness, but you know how to ensure that perfection does not become the enemy of the good.

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Content Taxonomist
Packt United KingdomFull-time 17 days ago