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Kara Pure

10L of fresh drinking water daily. World's 1st air-to-water dispenser of mineral-rich alkaline water.

There is one way you can always be sure that you are getting delicious, mineral-rich, clean, and high-quality drinking water. And it's Kara Pure.

Featuring never-seen-before innovative air-to-water technology. It transforms the standard air in your home into a 9.2+ pH antioxidant-alkaline water. This air-to-water dispenser makes it possible to have up to 2.5 gallons (~10 liters) of water every day from thin air.

Yes! You read that right. With Kara Pure, you can enjoy delicious alkaline and mineral-rich water from the air. 

Water is everywhere in the air we breathe, even in the driest deserts. However, it remains trapped in the atmosphere until the right conditions allow it to be released.

Kara Pure captures the air around you. It processes it, to remove all the impurities. The cleaned air then undergoes a special heat exchange and cooling process. And finally condenses the water in the air.

Water created with Kara Pure tastes better than regular tap water, but more importantly, it helps improve your wellness! How?

Kara Pure delivers elevated alkaline water. 

The built-in ionizer separates water into its acidic and alkaline parts. And enhances its properties by fortifying it with 9.2+ pH alkaline minerals. 

It's almost like drinking a glass of water straight from a natural spring. Your body and taste buds will thank you for it. 

We tested the pH of water from different brands. With just a few drops of pH reagent, you can see how the water changes color to show a pH range from 1 to 11.

If the water is red, this means your water is acidic. If it’s blue — alkaline. 

All the water samples had different hues of blue, which means they have different levels of alkalinity. The darker the color, the higher the alkaline level. 

How alkaline is your water? Order pH reagent on Amazon for under $5 and test the water you're drinking right now!.

Benefits of Alkaline Water

  • Help balance the acidity in your body

Kara Pure water is purified through a multistage filtration and purification process. 

The UV-C sterilizer in the water reservoir makes sure your drinking water is always fresh and clean. Virtually free from bacteria and biological contaminants. 

It automatically sterilizes the water every 4 hours. With Kara Pure you not only will drink high-quality water but will also breathe pure air. In fact, air purification is part of its water creation process. 

Thanks to a 4-level filtration system, Kara Pure cleans the air from impurities, heavy metals, particles, and extracts water from the air. After which the purified air is released back. While the dirty particles are captured in the built-in filters. In fact, you can purify from 250 to 300 sq ft of space with Kara Pure.

 Kara Pure is more than an air-to-water generator. 

As Kara Pure produces water by capturing humidity in the air, it also serves you as a dehumidifier. It effectively removes the excess water from your environment and prevents the buildup of mold, which can lead to damage and expensive repairs, and even respiratory problems.

Kara Pure’s smart sensors ensure it doesn’t over-dehumidify your space, turning off when the humidity drops below a comfortable 25%.

Create a more comfortable living environment with Kara Pure.

Kara Pure offers the best and healthiest way to get your daily water intake!  

No installation necessary. No bottled water delivery required. Continuous generation and filtration of clean, safe drinking water.  

Kara Pure's clean water is the best choice for you and your family!