samsung galaxy s23 leaks : Meet the new dominator! - 1 minute read

 Samsung galaxy s23 leaks

The Samsung galaxy s23 is one of the most highly anticipated flagship phones coming in the year 2023. Leaks of the phone have been circulating for months and now we finally have a good idea of what to expect from the next generation of Samsung’s flagship phone. Here are all the Samsung Galaxy S23 leaks that have been making headlines recently.

samsung galaxy s23 leaks

No more Exynos processors

Samsung will have zero involvement in the chipset of the galaxy s23 series. One of the most-talked features is the processor even though Samsung's hardware is one of the top-performing smartphone processors but still some steps far from Qualcomm and A Bionic processors. Qualcomm officially confirmed that the S23 series will get the new Qualcomm beast said the CFO of the company. More......