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Green chemistry conference


Green Chemistry Congress 2022 welcomes on 13th International Conference on Green Chemistry and Engineering in Barcelona, Spain from December 05-06, 2022 to all over the world researchers, scientists, chemists, and chemical companies for collaborating with esteemed professionals who further contribute to their success and increase the network in this field of green chemistry for all of the world. The main motive of this conference is to together all researchers, scientists, chemists, and chemistry-related companies by which they bring innovative scientific projects in the field of green chemistry through their research which helps in making a green world with green chemistry by which economic, environmental as well as societal improvements are increased through the various techniques of the green chemistry.


Green chemistry 

Green Chemistry is a way that describes the design of chemical products in such which reduce and eliminate the use of Hazardous products and their development also. Mainly green chemistry focuses on the recycling process. Definition of green Chemistry “Green chemistry is a way by which the environment is chemical free and also it adds a recycling process.

These are some principles of Green Chemistry

• Prevent pollution

• Make Economy Atom

• Less use of Hazardous chemical

• Benign chemicals are designed

• Energy Efficiency is increased

• Renewable Feedstocks are used

• Prevent Pollution through Real-time analysis

• Derivatives are reduced

• The degradation process is adopted

• Prevent Waste

• Catalysis is used

• Protection through Inherently Benign chemistry from accident prevention

Pollutants in the ecosystem 

Green chemistry is an art that means preventing the world or people from the pollution of water, soil, atmosphere, food, etc. this is the way to describe prevent pollution and organic pollutants and reduce the use of most chemical or hazardous products. Green Chemistry focuses on the environment so that environmentally friendly conditions are in the complex world through the prevention of bad pollution and organic pollutants. 


Market analysis

Green Chemistry globally market revenue stood at $9413.31 million in 2020 and it is estimated to rise at a CAGR of 8-9% during 2020-30. The rising reason is to increase the use of bio-based packaging and fossil fuel depletion.

Market growth rate (2020-2030): 8.9%

Market Size (2020): $9413.3 millions 

Market Size (2030): $22039.0 Millions (Expectations )


We organize this event to make the world pollution free by the innovative ideas of eminent researchers and all those who are related to this field like chemists, scientists, Chemical companies, chemistry societies, chemical associations, and other many more companies. 

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Green Chemistry is important for today and the upcoming future which gives us a valuable idea for our environment protection in a scientific way. That’s why, All over the world, companies, industries, and governments are working with chemists to make the economy a sustainable enterprise. Our conference Green chemistry congress 2022 is also a way by which all chemists and researchers interact with each other and grow small grassroots ideas into a new approach to scientifically–based environmental protection. Maybe, Green chemistry is the next social movement that is set aside all the world’s differences and allows for the making of an environmentally commendable civilization. 

Last but not least….  (Same as this line)

We can say that “Green Chemistry is Not an answer to all environmental queries, it is a fundamental approach to prevent the pollution of the environment.

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