Ready to get your hands on some apps? - 1 minute read

Do you regularly read the latest and most up-to-date news stories for information?

Join our app testing team!

More and more people are using news applications on their mobile devices instead of reading articles online. These developers want to hire someone who has tried out a variety of different apps themselves (who knows what they're doing!) to offer feedback on how well they function.

Payment is $30/hour. Anyone in can join our testing team.

You'll need at least 10 hours free each week and need access to an Android or Apple phone or tablet as well as regular internet connection.

If you're already reading news sites or apps, that could help your application. But really the only experience you need is the ability to download and open apps on your device.

We'll provide you with online training for the other aspects of this job.

Don't let this one slip away, click here and apply now (It only takes about thirty seconds).

Best wishes.