An Inclusive Guide to Gas Turbine Control Systems - 3 minutes read

Gas turbines are important engines that help aeroplanes fly and move forward. They work by burning fuel to create power. The key parts of a gas turbine are the air compressor, which squeezes air, the combustion chamber where fuel is burned, and the turbine which spins due to the hot gas.

Fuel Control Systems in Gas Turbine

Safety is crucial for the engine, so control systems take care of things like the oil, and fuel, and detect and prevent fires and gas issues. The first fuel management system is the lubrication oil system, which keeps the turbine bearings greased and working smoothly. The lubricants not only lubricate but also clean, cool, and protect the bearings from rust. Filters and a cooler maintain the oil's quality.

Next is the fuel system, which controls the fuel supply for efficient burning. It ensures a steady flow of fuel to the engine, regardless of how the aircraft is powered or positioned out of the fuel quantity control valve. Some planes use gravity to feed fuel, while others need fuel pumps. Filters and controls through the fuel pressure control valve regulator ensure the fuel is of the right quality and amount. Different gauges measure and maintain the correct pressure, speed, and fuel amount used in each engine cycle. It is possible through a gas turbine fuel control valve. 

How Gas Turbine Safety Systems Work?

Gas turbines have special systems for safety. These include a fire, gas detection, and suppression system inside the turbine casing. If there's a fire, detectors with protective wiring sense temperature changes and alert the pilot(s). CO2 gas canisters can be released into the engine housing to put out the fire. The pilot can operate the fire extinguisher handle from the cockpit, which also shuts off power sources to stop the fire.

To prevent gas leaks, another sensor measures gas concentration in the air. If it detects too much gas, it gives an alert to the pilot(s) in the cockpit using sound or warning lights.

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