Is Bovada Poker Legit? - 1 minute read

To me, Bovada Poker is one of the most legit online poker sites in the world, simply because I've had such a good experience there over so many years.

Thanks to their casino-and-sports-tinged flavor, Bovada Poker also attract one of the loosest clientele of gamble-it-up online poker players on the planet. Bovada Poker is one of only 2 USA poker sites to offer real money mobile play. was also the first USA poker site to offer a Mac download.

Bovada also the original trendsetter of dependable USA payouts. Other American poker rooms have caught up, but Bovada Poker was legitimately paying out players in the days before it was fashionable. Bovada has a major advantage in the payout department, most often sending Bitcoin withdrawals instantly and security. find out

 about what to do if bovada account disabled

Further cementing Bovada Poker’s status as a legit poker site is how long they’ve been around without payout problems or a major scandal.

Because of all those positives and the fact that I’ve played at Bovada Poker without issue, I strongly feel they are as legit of a poker site