Ekmifertility - Best Surrogacy Centres in Delhi - 1 minute read

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Surrogacy is the ultimate pathway that fulfills the dreams of parenthood and the Ekmifertility is the best surrogacy center in Delhi. It offers surrogacy at a low cost ranging from 13 Lakhs including the surrogate mother’s cost. Ekmifertility is the best surrogacy center in Delhi as it offers low surrogacy costs which are easily affordable by any class of intending couples. Ekmifertility takes care of everything beginning from arrangements of the surrogate mother to screening and completing legal procedures. Also, if a donor egg or sperm is required, Ekmifertility takes care of it based on the intended parent’s choice. The Ekmifertility is dedicated and committed to building your parenthood together. Contact us today on  +91-8448-841-271.