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Get Motivated to Lose Weight - 9 Steps To Stay Motivated

Have you always been finding ways on how to get motivated to lose weight? Have you been a failure in your desire to lose weight? Do you think motivation is lacking in your ways? How do you consider motivation as part of the ways to lose weight? Or have you considered it ever?

In today's age, obesity is as common as flu, fever, and colds. Obesity is widespread all over the world, with the kind of food we eat and the kind of lifestyle we choose to practice. Obesity is common among teens and adults, which is why today, they are encouraged to lose weight as much as possible. Not only does it make you pleasing to look at, but it also prevents you from any obesity-related diseased conditions. However, despite the world's demand for the need to lose weight, it is not that easy to achieve it. Aside from your determination, Motivation is a big factor to keep you going at times when you are on the verge of giving up. This is a form of hope and a quota for you. So, even if is hard, as I losing weight and gaining motivation, you can find different ways on how to get one.

1) Set a Goal

Your goals have to be realistic and time-bound. If it is not, then you'll be frustrated instead. Goals are a great way to keep us on track. Knowing what you want can help you find ways on how to get there. Your desire for weight loss has to be a simple goal to keep you motivated along the way. It can also be specific such as the pounds you want to lose in a certain time, the sizes of clothes from extra large to small, and your Body Mass Index, from beyond normal to normal. Do not ever make an impossible goal, you have to remember that.

You can also make use of a journal for weight loss. A journal of what to eat, your planned exercises, and positive thoughts for the day. Those things you place on your journal can be looked back on when you are depressed or unlighted.

2) Find Support

Support from the people who care about you, and who are so much concerned for you is the most important tool for motivation. Keep surrounded with family and friends. Tell them that you desire to lose weight. Make sure they are really your supporters and not your downers that will help you really get motivated to lose weight.

3) The If I Do's and If I Do Not Do's

Using 2 pieces of paper, place IF I DO in one sheet on the upper part. Now, think of all the things that can happen to you when you do ways of losing weight, such as:

  • I'll become physically attractive and be a head-turner soon...
  • My friends would start to ask me if I have been doing things to lose weight...
  • I'll go get shopping for my new small-size clothes...

The place now on the other paper, IF I DO NOT, and start imagining the worst things that can happen to you if you will not make a way to lose weight, such as:

  • I'll be looking unpleasant...
  • They will all tease that would get into my nerves...
  • I cannot wear my prom dress anymore...
  • I'll become asocial...
  • I will start to wear black colored shirts to cover up my fats...

4) Pictures Everywhere

Try to brose an old picture of you when you were still slimmer and sexier. Find as many pictures as you can and place it somewhere in your room, in your mirror, on cabinets, on bedside tables and even considering it background in your laptop or computer. With this, you will be able to help yourself to keep you going.

5) Reward Yourself

If you have been so persistent and consistent in your diet and exercise and finally have lost desired pounds for a certain time, give yourself a reward in a form of bags, clothes, shoes, movie marathon, spa, etc. Just do not give yourself something that can hinder your desire to lose weight such as foods and drinks.

6) Punish Yourself

When you fail to lose the pounds you have in your goals and have consistently been so lousy with your diet and exercise, punish yourself in a form of TV, iPod restriction, or computer limit. Punishing yourself is a way that can help you realize that being lousy enough can lead you to nowhere.

7) Track Your Progress

Have a journal with you as to be used in listing all that you have achieved for a week, months, and years. Seeing your achievement being written down is such a great motivator. If you can see your progress rightly, go on and it will keep you going, but if you see your progress headed in the wrong direction, adjust your routines and check out your diet if is enough or less.

8) Learn From Others

Learning from people with weight loss success stories is also a great motivation. There are really thousands of people who have been in your situation and lost weight. Reading their stories from the internet source, from magazines,s or books, you can get healthy tips and advice that you can also apply to yourself to lose weight. Just keep in mind that you are different from them and the longevity of losing weight may vary, but take still their advice, it will help.

9) Do it For Yourself

Make sure that you want to lose weight for yourself, not for someone else. You have to start being happy for yourself before being happy with anyone else. For you to get motivated to lose weight, you have to really want it, for yourself, your health, and your life.

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