All About Online Therapy For Depression - 2 minutes read

Millions of people are suffering from anxiety and depression in the world. While some of them seek guidance under professional counselling and therapy, others choose to live with the disturbed mental state. Depression is the most common mental disorder the world is dealing with.

If you or any of your loved ones is struggling with poor mental health due to depression, it is time to take action. Psychotherapy is a proven method to alleviate the symptoms of depression. Post-pandemic, many mental therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists have shifted their gears to offer treatments online. They are continuing to use online platforms to facilitate therapies that are convenient, easy, and discreet for their patients.

Online counselling and therapy, aka teletherapy, works much like the in-person therapy, but with a twist. Rather than visiting the office of the therapist, you can talk or chat with your therapist from the comfort of your home through a tablet, mobile phone, or other device.

When it comes to dealing with depression through online therapy and counselling, cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal therapy are the two most common therapies offered to the patients.

With CBT, the therapist will help you to better understand negative and unhelpful thinking, which may lead to your depression and then work to change those beliefs. Alternatively, interpersonal therapy shall help to improve these relationships by expressing emotions and solving problems in life.

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