San Diego Employment Lawyer Demystifying Workplace Dynamics: Harassment vs. Bullying - 2 minutes read

Things can go badly at work sometimes, making things uncomfortable for everyone who works there so here is a San Diego employment lawyer. People often use the words "harassment" and "bullying" to mean the same thing, but in San Diego, they mean different things and have different legal consequences. Harassment is when someone treats you badly because of your race, gender, age, or another protected trait. 

For example, in San Diego, this is against the law, and victims can go after those responsible. Bullying, on the other hand, usually means repeated, hurtful actions meant to put down or scare someone, even if they don't have any protected traits.

If you think you're having problems like this at work, talking to a San Diego wrongful termination lawyer can help you figure things out. To deal with the problem effectively, it's important to tell the difference between harassment and bullying.

These people can help you figure out what to do next, whether that's filing a complaint with your boss, going to mediation, or going to court. To stop harassment and bullying in San Diego's diverse workplace, it's important to build a culture of respect and understanding. As long as employees are informed and take action, our employment attorney can help make the workplace safer and more welcoming for everyone.