Uniek: Your Portable Pottery Studio - 2 minutes read

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Uniek: Your Portable Pottery Studio

We understand that a great machine can look good at the same time! With Uniek, we are inspired by retro houseware design from the 1950s, just like the old fridge at your grandparents’ home. A durable coat of paint is applied while the casing is made of modern plastic to stay light.

Uniek is smaller than any common potter’s wheel thanks to all-new design and use of modern components. Departing from traditional constructions, we have designed it from scratch incorporating modern high-torque motors and bearings. The result is a smaller and more capable drive, yet you can still create cups, dishes, and vases with it.

Pottery is a great art to train one’s creativity, hand-eye coordination, and focus. Also, you can still create cups, dishes, and vases with it. You can follow the video on social media to make your pottery or create your own pottery. Different colors can be painted on the pottery to stay unique from the others.

Unique pottery can be customized by yourself as a gift to your friends and family. You can also create pottery on those memorable dates and festivals. Other than pottery which is made from Uniek, Uniek is also a good gift for your friends and family. 

The turning wheel is interchangeable for 2 sizes which are 45mm and 65mm. You can make different sizes of pottery with a larger turning wheel. (65 mm turning wheel is available as an add-on item). 

Combined with carefree paint and fine finishing, you can just wipe off most dirt and mess from the Uniek. For the tools box, you can clean the clay in the running water directly.

Like the mobile phone replacing landline telephones, We want to take pottery mobile as well. Modern high-torque motors are powerful yet consume little power, enough to run on batteries entirely. Uniek has internal 7000 mAh batteries allowing it to run non-stop for 4-6 hours. To avoid running out of battery in the middle of a section, a clear battery-level indicator is located on the body. Anti-slip rubber pad is installed at the bottom for use on any surface. To allow easy cleaning away from home, all components of Uniek are coated with a dirt-repellent coating.