Best Surrogacy Centres in Chennai | Surrogate mother Cost in Chennai - 1 minute read


Surrogacy is an arrangement in which another woman (a surrogate) carries the couples’ baby till term. It is being increasingly used as an option by women who wish to have their genetic offspring but are unable to carry a pregnancy to term for any reason. Our main aim is to provide economical guaranteed Surrogacy packages with Surrogacy and Egg Donation. Our Chennai-based leading Surrogacy center has a dedicated team for surrogacy patients. As a Leading Infertility clinic, Ekmi Fertility always focuses on Patient counseling & Education. We counsel almost all aspects of Infertility causes and fertility treatment. Surrogacy is much cheaper in Chennai than anywhere else in the world, so the cost of a low-cost surrogate mother in Chennai is considered to be very affordable. The average cost of a surrogate mother in Chennai is estimated to start from INR Rs. 4,00,000. For more details and enrollment in the Guaranteed Surrogacy Program, call us at +91-.8448841271