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Dear Norbert, I can't thank you often enough, after the birth of my fourth child I had reached the peak on the scale by 86 kg's.After many diets I did try! I came across your YouTube videos, which were very good, but after buying the "NS | KETO" Program my life has changed completely.The knowledge that you share with us is priceless.And I am so infinitely grateful for that, t hrough you I have managed, despite hypothyroidism, to lose 19 kg's in just 5 months.And all that in an incredibly healthy way and especially without even got a little bit hungry.I am now more motivated than ever before to reach my ultimate body shape.My joy of life is finally back again and my whole environment and especially my family recognised it directly.Dear Norbert, ,Dear Norbert, All the

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results were only about to take place because I had the right mindset to do exactly what you told me! To put your knowledge and your program into action exactly like it should be and this mindset my mental management was everything! Everything in every meal, everything in every work out, everything in every day.And my family was so motivated that my mom did also the program and lose 15 KG :))))I cant stress it how happy I'm now trough your help and amazing content!Your videos are so detailed and you explain everything so simple and motivating and mind opening in the same time!You gave my body and mind like a restart and a new future in a better life with the body i love now!12 WEEKS 13 KG!8 MONTHS AFTER SHE GAVE BIRTH TO HER DAUGHTER52 KG IN 1 YEAR!!!Mind blowing, this is my favorite result!!! He don't just lose 52 Kg in one year since he live in Dubai where is my home we become friends and also do business together very successful!You can imagine how he fill and how his life change!No words needed he feel like a new person!This picture is captured from a story from my I phone! Me and him together at Dubai Mall in Dubai!31 KG IN JUST 8 MONTHS!!!It sounds cheesy, but you really have to find your ‘why.’ Last summer I realized that this year I would turn 45, celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary, and go on a mission trip to Peru. I knew I had a year to get my act together for myself for the first time since I had kids. "I didn’t want to be overweight for those milestones and I didn’t want to struggle with dragging my overweight body around the mountains of Peru when I wanted to be there to make a difference in the lives of others.So, along the way, when my weight loss stalled, I've focused on that 'why' and it has helped me push through.—Fatima, 44, lost 31 Kg

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