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MetMo Driver | The World's Most Satisfying Driver

MetMo Driver: Bringing an icon of engineering into the 21st Century 

Not since the mid 20th Century have we seen a design like MetMo Driver. A piece of engineering history re-imagined for the modern-day. MetMo Driver is both a fidget toy and tool, keeping you satisfied for hours on end either fiddling with it or using it to drive to the center of the Earth.

Why have we created MetMo Driver? 

MetMo Driver is a hybrid of the hand braces of old (the pre-cursors to electric drills) and modern ratchet screwdrivers.

We set out to infuse our signature MetMo satisfaction with one of the most well-used tools in existence, the humble screwdriver. We were fascinated by Conrad Baumann's ratchet driver from the 1950s and its mesmerizing exposed ratchet mechanism, so we set to work to create the most powerful and compact driver in existence and, while we're at it, inject some MetMo satisfaction at every opportunity.

Who's it for?

Made for designers, engineers, thinkers, and anyone who wants to just take a moment to focus, relieve stress, or just play around. MetMo Driver is both a powerful and versatile tool and amazingly fun to fiddle with!.

A powerful tool and the perfect desk toy

Like a Swiss watch, each component interlocks perfectly so you can enjoy the endless motion of MetMo Driver's moving parts. 

MetMo Driver is a tool you won't want to hide away in your toolbox! Designed to be fiddled with, each rotation and click has been meticulously crafted to give you maximum satisfaction, even just sat at your desk.

A satisfying drive

Simply rotating the chuck is huuuuuuugely satisfying. The weight feels reassuring in your hand and you know that if you do ever need to drive something in, MetMo Driver is there for the job.

Driving back in time

Own a part of history as one of the early forms of the ratchet screwdriver, created by Conrad Baumann under the brand name Baumann-Weltrecord. Re-imagined using hardened materials and state-of-the-art machining techniques, Baumann's vision lives again, driving home the quality and reliability for which his original was known. 

With only a handful of originals left in the world and even fewer available for auction, this loving recreation is the best way to own a former icon of the industry and keep the story alive for future generations. 

We also examined the original and engineered out all of the weak points to make it a useful tool for the 21st Century.

MetMo Driver doesn't believe in pilots 

Sure, we know most jobs can be done with the correct prep and a decent power tool, but there's something reassuring and oddly satisfying about driving a screw as deep as it will go without the high-pitched squeal of a reluctant drill.

With MetMo Driver featuring Autopilot Tech (totally trademarked), you can drive screws in without the need for a pilot hole.

Kick it into overdrive

This beast can handle everything - from driving in an un-piloted coach bolt to drilling a perfect hole with your spade drill, MetMo Driver is nigh unstoppable. Unlike a standard screwdriver, you can get all of your weight behind the MetMo Driver, just keep on drilling until you reach bedrock. It's more powerful than some alligators.

MetMo Driver works in the same way as a manual brace, but pocket-sized!.