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French Sessa Photo offers the best event and wedding photography service in Seattle. Seattle Event Photography is gaining popularity, with various trends shaping the industry. Now, you can explore the top trends in Seattle event photography, focusing on wedding photography, family photography in Seattle, and Seattle event photography. 


A Brief View of the Trends


Here you will get familiar with the recent photography trends:


Trend #1: Candid Moments that Tell Stories


Event photography has moved away from staged and posed shots, embracing candid moments that reflect genuine emotions and narratives. Skilled photographers have a keen eye for capturing unscripted interactions, stolen glances, and joyous laughter that truly encapsulate the essence of an event. 


Trend #2: Artistic Photojournalism


A documentary-style approach, influenced by photojournalism, has gained popularity in event photography. This trend involves creating a narrative through a series of carefully curated images that chronicle the progression of an event. Each photograph becomes a vital part of the larger story, from the anticipation and preparation to the climax and celebration. This style adds authenticity and depth to event photography, making it more compelling and emotionally resonant.


Trend #3: Fusion of Traditional and Modern Styles


Seattle's event photography scene is witnessing a fusion of traditional and modern styles. While conventional photography emphasizes formal poses and classic compositions, contemporary styles incorporate innovative techniques and unconventional perspectives. This blending of approaches allows photographers to cater to various preferences, ensuring each client's unique vision is brought to life. This trend provides versatility and adaptability in capturing event moments.


Trend #4: Embracing Natural Light


Seattle's soft, diffused light has become a sought-after element in event photography. Many wedding photographers now embrace natural light as a critical craft component. Photographers can create ethereal and atmospheric images by harnessing the beauty of the golden hour or utilizing ambient light sources. This trend highlights the significance of understanding lighting conditions and using them to enhance the mood and aesthetics of photographs.


Trend #5: Immersive Drone Photography


Drone photography has revolutionized the event photography industry in Seattle. With its stunning landscapes and iconic landmarks, the city provides the perfect setting for capturing breathtaking aerial shots. Drones offer a fresh perspective, enabling photographers to showcase expansive views, unique angles, and sweeping panoramas. This trend adds a sense of grandeur to event photography and allows for truly awe-inspiring visuals.


Trend #6: Incorporating Fine Art Elements


Seattle event photography has seen an increasing incorporation of fine art elements. Photographers are experimenting with creative compositions, unique color palettes, and artistic post-processing techniques to transform event photographs into masterpieces. Blurring the boundaries between photography and traditional art forms, such as painting and sculpture, photographers create visually striking and emotionally evocative images cherished for a lifetime.


Why Choose French Sessa Photo?


French Sessa Photo should be your top choice for event photography in Seattle for several reasons:


Reason #1: Unparalleled Expertise


French Sessa Photo has established a reputation for its exceptional event and Family Photography in Seattle expertise. With years of experience and a team of skilled photographers, they possess the necessary knowledge and technical proficiency to flawlessly capture the essence of your event.


Reason #2: Personalized Approach


French Sessa Photo understands that every event is unique, and they take a personalized approach to meet your specific requirements. They offer consultations to understand your vision, preferences, and desired outcomes. This customized approach ensures that your photographs reflect your style and the true spirit of your event.


Reason #3: Trust and Reputation


French Sessa Photo has earned the trust and admiration of countless clients in Seattle and beyond. Their exceptional reputation is a testament to their professionalism, reliability, and ability to deliver remarkable results. When you choose French Sessa Photo, you can be confident that you are selecting a trusted and reputable photography company.


By choosing French Sessa Photo, you are selecting a photography company that embraces the top trends in Seattle event photography. Their commitment to capturing candid moments, artistic storytelling, and incorporating fine art elements ensure that your photographs are exceptional and timeless.




Various trends characterize Seattle's event photography industry and help transform your event. From candid storytelling to embracing natural light and incorporating fine art elements, photographers in Seattle are pushing boundaries and creating exceptional visuals. With their expertise as Wedding Photographers, family photography Seattle, and event photography, French Sessa Photo consistently delivers remarkable results. Their commitment to capturing genuine moments ensures that each event is immortalized in stunning photographs that tell captivating stories. Now, you can access more details at