French Sessa Photo Co - Seattle's Family Photography Partner for Capturing Precious Moments! - 4 minutes read

We live in a world that allows us to capture everything around us at the click of a button using our smartphones and tablets. Capturing precious moments with your family is easy; the outcomes would be stunning family photos. However, you see the best Family Photography in Seattle at and realise what you have missed!

The Seattle Photographers for Family is one of the best investments you make to freeze those special moments with your family for a lifetime. That's why you also hire a professional Seattle Event Photography for significant events like weddings, birthdays and so on, so why not your family photos? Think about it.

Reasons that make Family Photography Seattle with French Sessa Photo Co an absolute must!

Reason 1: Unmatched Expertise and Creativity

Amber and Michael from French Sessa Photo Co have been in professional photography since 2007. They are indeed the most recommended Seattle Photographers for Family and event photographers. What makes them so social?

It's their experience, passion for photography, and unique skills. They have a keen eye for lighting, pose, and composition, making them one of the best picks for Seattle

Photographers for Families!

People who have hired their services through testimonials have shared their creative vision that transforms their photos into timeless masterpiece that displays your personality, emotions and, in the case of family photos, your bond with each other.

Reason 2: Superior quality work and outcomes

Today you have the best quality cameras in your smartphone too. Yet, the quality achieved by the best Seattle Event Photography or family photos at French Sessa Photo Co remains unmatched.

 The reason is their knowledge of how to take great pictures with perfect lighting and angles. It poses as well as top-of-the-line equipment comprising cameras and lenses that bring about fantastic outcomes for your event and family photos to keep for a lifetime. You can get the soft copy or also get it printed at

Reason 3: Tailored Experience

The Seattle Photographers for Family at understand that every family is unique, which is the essence to be captured in the family photos while displaying the bond between them too! Hence, they spend time with your family to understand their similarities and differences and create a comfortable atmosphere. They then capture the best family photos making it a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Reason 4: Capturing Natural Bond and Emotions

Many Seattle Event Photography or family photography fail due to their love for having people pose for the photo. Those photos are not natural and don't reflect the personalities of people. They are not candid! The best Family Photography in Seattle or even event photographers, just like Amber and Michael, focus on capturing moments and emotions of the people that reflect the love and bond shared among family members.

This becomes possible owing to the relaxed and fun environment they create that makes you s a family be the way you are for the photos. The professional photographer keeps a close and keen eye on the shared moments and is spontaneous enough to catch it on their camera for you. That makes the Seattle Photographers for Family at French Sessa Photo Co unique!

Reason 5: A way to make Timeless Memories

Getting your family photos done by a professional is a traditional way to capture the present and make timeless memories to show future generations. Investing in professional family photos  means investing in timeless memories that your children and grandchildren will treasure. These photographs freeze moments in time, capturing the growth of your family and preserving memories that can be relived for years to come.

Reason 6: Professional Editing and Retouching

The work of Seattle Photographers for Family at French Sessa Photo Co goes beyond the photo session. They meticulously edit and retouch the images to enhance their overall quality. They spend much time in colour correction, blemish removal, and artistic enhancements, and they specialise in using these photos to tell a story that is unique to your family or event.

Book your appointment today on with Amber and Michael for family photos and events! They are indeed the best.