The Self-Sufficient Backyard - 2 minutes read

“My book arrived a few of days ago (much faster than I'd anticipated - thank you) and I am THRILLED!!! Even after skimming just the first 20-25 pages or so I could already see that there were a number of serious mistakes that I was about to make in the process of choosing and purchasing my land. Reading this book has prevented that. This book is the real deal. I was a little disappointed when I pulled my book out of the package; it seemed as though it was on the short side. But then I realized two things. First, it is a full-sized book with regular-sized print and, second, Ron and Johanna get right to the point. They don't waste time with frivolous details. The result is a book that is just PACKED with essential, first-person detailed instructions and warning that I know will prove to be invaluable. To me, the most valuable aspect of the book is that over 40 years, Ron and Johanna have tried and tested many methods for doing everything including choosing the location for their homestead, setting up their access to water and energy, growing and storing food, designing their dwelling, managing compost, and much more. They have shared the results of their experiences and the pros and cons of each method so that readers can make well-informed choices about what methods to try. While it isn’t the point of the book to go into minute detail about each thing, the authors cover a comprehensive range of topics and include enough information about each one so that readers know what to conduct further research about and how to ask truly intelligent questions. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this book. I am sure that I will be eternally grateful.”