How you get a real live person at Lufthansa? - 4 minutes read

How do i speak to someone at lufthansa

Not only in Germany, Lufthansa provides world-class services all across the world, and many customers prefer this if you have issues with the services that are provided by Lufthansa, then you might want to know a way that you can use to get to Lufthansa customer support, and you can get a resolution of the issue that you are facing with Lufthansa how do i talk to a live person at Lufthansa? There are multiple ways that you can use resolution

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Your call on wait and you listen Automated Voice when trying to reach Lufthansa representative and it happened to you several times and getting irritate as you won't find any proper solution to travel queries you are facing related to Do i need to first produce and upload travel record with Negative RT-PCR report If I being a traveller from China,Japan or South Korea?,If as a passenger my vaccination period between 1st and 2nd dose is 14 days and after a day i.e on 15th day I have a Lufthansa flight Will airline allowed me to board a flight? and searching for how do I speak to someone at Lufthansa?So get ways here which immediately connects you to customer service team now

Via phone:

First, go to the website of the Lufthansa airlines

Then go to contact us and then select the customer support number from there as per your place of calling

After that, you have to call on +1 (516) 738-4422 and wait for a call to get to the customer support portal

From there, select a language prior to selecting an issue that you want to get resolve or select any service

Then you can get to convey your issues to customer support to get a resolution for that

Via live chat:

Suppose you are unable to reach out to customer support after you have tried calling them you then might want to know a way that is fast as well as that resolves your issues, and you have to follow the steps to get connected with chat support executive and get the resolution you reach to their executives, and there are various moments you make a call and found out that no one was picking up and that's why it is very good if you know a way to get a resolution using another way and for that, you have to follow the steps

Go to the website of the Lufthansa

Then you have to click contact us

Now click on chat support to get connected to executive

Write your issues and get a resolution

After you have completed writing and got a resolution, you can then close this window

Via email:

You can write an email that is written with your issue, or if you want to ask for any other service-related information you follow these

First, you have to write an email with your issues

After that, you have to send that issue to, and your email is sent

You have to wait for their reply that they provide after a certain period

After receiving a response of the email that you have sent, you can then reply to that if you are not satisfied with the resolution that is provided

Via social media:

If you want to use social platforms to get to Lufthansa customer support, then you follow these

First, you ahve to search for Lufthansa on social platforms that they are available on, like Facebook or twitter

After searching Lufthansa you have to send them your issue

Now you have to wait for their reply

There are various offers and other services that Lufthansa is posting regularly and you can see that and you might find something useful there

Customer support executives at Lufthansa are very good at providing you with a resolution or some of the services that you want after calling lufthansa phone number  you can know ticket issues that are ticket purchasing, ticket cancelation, or some other services like special assistance for those who are having some issues in communicating or people who are not able to walk without some sort assistance and if you make a call to them or use any of the given ways to convey the same you can get a resolution of that issue that you are facing and you can use other process to get to the support team