Danish Brand HAY Brings Dogs Into a Color-Loving World - 2 minutes read

We’re obsessed with the undeniably alluring world of Danish brand HAY and with their latest launch our pups can now get in on the fun too. Designed in collaboration with fashion and interiors boutique Holly Golightly (which has recently shut its doors), HAY Dogs offers a sophisticated yet playful color palette that now includes their renowned aesthetic for dog beds, bowls, leashes, collars, and scarves. The colorful collection is a refreshing alternative to the typical options you see at local pet stores. “Products for pets are often very neutral and kept in earthy colored tones, but I liked the idea of it being a visible touch of color instead of something purely utilitarian,” notes Mette Hay, Founder and Creative Director of Accessories.

After Hay took a routine dog walk in Copenhagen’s woods with her friend and fellow dog parent Barbara Maj Husted Werener, owner of Holly Golightly, the two decided to embark on the canine-centered sartorial adventure together. Bridging Werener’s unique fashion sense with Hay’s elevated take on everyday objects, the collection evokes delight for both dog owners and their companions when it’s time them to eat, walk, or rest. In finalizing the details, a color palette was carefully considered. “It was important that the colors work for all types of dogs – male and female, different breeds, different sizes – to fit any dog character,” Hay explains. In recognizing that our beloved furry family members deserve nothing but the best, Hay and Werener have curated a collection that not only elevates daily routines but also ensures that every dog is pampered in style and comfort.

To shop the new HAY Dog collection, visit dwr.com.

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