How to get through to Lufthansa customer service? - 3 minutes read

Lufthansa covers domestic as well as international destinations. You can travel with the airline conveniently, but a few topics are challenging to get by a non-specialist. If you are facing these circumstances, do not worry about that because the airline has a well-established department of customer service; by getting hold of them, a resolution could be obtained easily. If you are blank on the modes of the airline, then read the subheadings.

Ways to speak with the customer service of Lufthansa Airlines

On Lufthansa Airline, you can have different modes to get in touch with customer service, laid out at the bottom.

Through call

A convenient way to speak with an airline's customer service is by calling because you can ask about multiple issues and seek a resolution immediately. Further, to obtain the Lufthansa phone number, follow the steps bought at the bottom.

•                    Head to the official website of Lufthansa Airlines

•                    And then, click on the help and contact icon

•                    After that, open the dropdown of frequent questions and enter your region name.

•                    Now, dial the number and follow the IVR process:-

Press1 to choose a language, Press3 to change a flight, Press6 to know about the baggage, and Press9 to speak with customer service.

Through chat

When you urge to establish nonverbal communication, get to customer service using chat modes. There you may find a resolution quickly, and the path of utilizing that is as follows:-

•                    Get to the Lufthansa Airlines official website

•                    Later on, click on the help and contact options

•                    Further, click on the chat icon from the right corner of the tab

•                    After that, click on the start chat icon and put your issues.

Through email

When sharing a pdf with the airline for better clarification of the doubts and then submitting an email form there, the revert by its customer service could take 12 to 48 hours, and the path for that is as follows:-

•                    Open the authenticated website of Lufthansa Airlines

•                    From the homepage, click on the help and contact options

•                    Now, open the dropdown of concern after a trip

•                    There, click on the form icon

•                    Further, share the details asked in the form and click on the submit options

Through social media

There are few social media handles through which you can get to customer service. So, the links for getting there are listed at the bottom, and there you can tag them in a post or send them a direct message.

•                    To get on Twitter,

•                    And for Facebook,

•                    For Instagram, copy this

Hence, you learn about the procedure to get through Lufthansa customer service and resolve your issues. So choose an option by which you are comfortable and obtain the resolution.

Is Lufthansa Airline available for 24 hours?

Yes, Lufthansa Airline is available 24 hours. But this option is available for calling and chat modes. But the modes apart from this may not be available anytime because they have different operational hours, to determine your issues and choose an option accordingly.