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Tao of Rich  is a program that teaches consumers to attract the success that they want to have in their lives, whether it is to be more healthy or to have financial gain. This program is condensed into audio files and several bonuses to increase the odds of success.

What is Tao of Rich?

The struggle to earn money is felt by millions of people around the world. Whether they’ve struggled to get a job that pays enough or they haven’t been able to find employment at all, far too many people aren’t living the lives that they could be. There’s significant potential for how successful they could be, but many people worry that they’ve simply missed out on the opportunity. With Tao of Rich, creators may be able to take control and reap the benefits they’ve longed to have.

Charlie, the creator behind this program, says that there is a way to bring everything that someone has ever wanted into their life. Whether it is money, love, or adventure, Tao of Rich makes it easy to achieve. However, there are many other guides and audio files that promise to do the same. What separates Tao of Rich from the others?

While this program  focused on manifestation and meditation, the approach is much different than other programs. Charlie shies away from using ineffective methods, and there’s no need to read every self-help guide that has ever been written. The whole program is centered around a mysterious letter that Charlie says contained secrets that only the wealthy were privy to, adding that he’s received this letter as an inherited gift. He’s added the video online as a way to make this information public for one day, revealing the same methods that men like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have used to accumulate wealth.

Using these recommendations as his personal resource to improve his life, Charlie discovered that Tao was the key. As Charlie learned from a kind stranger, Tao is “the Harmony with the Natural Order of the Universe outside and the Universe inside.” Essentially, he revealed that these lessons will help consumers to learn how to change their environment by changing what happens inside of their bodies and minds.

Tao of Rich uses a method called “pulling,” which is about how the studies help to connect the heart and mind. It is only with pulling that this program works in the first place, creating a change in the world around them. The mind is used as a tool to support the changes, attracting (or “pulling”) the changes that consumers want to bring into their lives. To get the desired effects, the users will need to read through the guide and listen to the guided meditations outlined in this program. Over time, users will start to see greater abundance than they’ve naturally elicited in their own life so far.

Buying Tao of Rich

For both the digital guide and the audio,  users will pay $67 online. Once the payment goes through, the materials can be read from and listened to from any compatible device.

If this regimen doesn’t work for their needs, they can get a refund within 60 days of use.


Along with the  main materials in Tao of Rich, consumers will get:

  • DELETE IT, a method that eliminates negative patterns in the brain, like procrastination, anger, sadness, and emotional pain with one hour of listening (3 nights a week).
  • MILLIONAIRE MYTHS – 11 Myths the Millionaires Wants You to Believe, which will help users overcome the potential roadblocks in their path.
  • The Mind Map, to understand the reason that pulling is so effective for anyone.
  • The Tao Of Rich Platinum Membership App, to tune into guided meditation and other helpful content whenever the user wants.

In total, between the bonus content and the main materials, the total value is over $1,500 (plus monthly subscription charges). However, the cost is much lower right now to make it more affordable for the average consumer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tao of Rich

What kind of time commitment do users need to make?

While some programs take a few hours to get results, the time commitment of this program will vary. Users can listen to the Tao of Rich to reach the necessary meditative state within 9 minutes. As long as the user has 9 minutes, they will reach their goal.

Is any special equipment needed?

All the user should need is a set of earphones. There are no specific models that need to be paired to get results. If the earphones allow the user to hear the audio clearly, that’s all the user needs.

How can users achieve tangible goals, like buying a car, with this program?

With this kind of clear goal, the user doesn’t need to take on any unusual habits or investments. The program tells users what they need to think and how exactly it is done. Through their content, the user will learn how to reach the part of their heart that may make this come true.

What about health goals?

The program is advertised as a solution for “any kind of riches,” including health. Reviews online show that this program has been used to fight depression, improve muscle mass, and lose weight with the power of thought.

Will users need to invest more money to make more money?

No. This program doesn’t ask consumers to spend anything. Instead, the guidance they offer is meant to naturally “pull” the money into the user’s life.

Where is The Tao of Rich offered?

Since all of the content is exclusively online, users can access the program in any country.

For questions or concerns, the user just has to send an email to  support @ taoofrich.com.

Final Thoughts

Tao of Rich introduces a  new way of improving the body, mind, and wealth  of the user, leaving them with opportunity and success. While everyone responds differently to these types of regimens, the point of this program is to make it easy for anyone to follow. There’s no dieting or exercise needed, focusing instead on the brain and mind. While there is a chance of wealth and health improvements, users will only get what they put into this regimen.

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