Looking Low-Cost Surrogacy Clinics in Delhi - Ekmi Fertility - 1 minute read


Surrogacy is a complex process but is considered to be most viable for infertile couples who desire to have their own biological child. Expenses in each step of the surrogacy process may vary based on the location, overall health or medical condition of the patient, and other factors. An estimated Cost of Surrogacy in Delhi is around 11 Lakhs – 25 Lakhs. Surrogacy care depends on the location of the surrogate staying. Medical tests, rents, food expenses, yoga sessions, and other expenses of surrogate are taken care of by the intended parents. The cost may vary from 2 – 3 lakhs based on the facilities provided. All our intended parents are allowed to pay the amount in easy instalments to ease their burden. Call 8448841271 today to know your package.