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CoffeePeople drink more than 1.6 billion cups of coffee every day all around the world That's enough to fill up three big football stadiums and still have more coffee left! but where did this amazing drink come from a long time ago around the 11th century There was a Muslim man from a Ethiopia His name was called was Khaldi He used to take care of the goats One day he saw that the goats were acting crazy they kept on running around with a lot of energy Khaldi found out that the goat started getting excited when they ate a certain berry The berry was bright redThese berries were coffee berries, which are also known as coffee cherries Khaldi decided to taste the coffee berries He ate the berries and he got all excited and noticed that he had a lot more energy just like the goats and That is how coffee was discovered Now you might be confused since we make our coffee from brown coffee beans Now where do those brown coffee beans come from?

Well inside the red coffee cherries, there is a whitish colored seed we take out the seed from the cherry and then we roast it and That is how to get our brown coffee beans After Khaldi discovered coffee this yummy drink quickly spread through the Arabian Peninsula with the first farms in Yemen Oh and fun fact since this drink was first an Arab drink coffee was actually called Qahwa when coffee spread to the Ottoman Empire which is now modern-day Turkey, Syria, Egypt, and some other countries the name qahwa turned into qahva When the coffee reached to Europe the name changed again from qahva to qava, to cafa all the way until the name changed to cafe and coffee So as you can see Coffee came from Muslims and was at first a Muslim drink For a long time Christians weren't even allowed to drink coffee They thought that coffee was Saytan's or the devil's drink because Muslims are drinking it Too the Christian world coffee was a bitter drink of Shaitaan Around 400 years later in the 15th century.Pope Clement the 8th Decided to taste a cup of coffee.

He took a sip and he loved it. He Told his people that the drink was so delicious and that it was not right that Christians could not drink it Then he baptized or purified the coffee for the Christian world This meant that all Christians could now drink coffee as well Coffee is one of the greatest inventions that was invented by a Muslim which made a difference in this world Brother Khaldi was a true great Muslim hero whose invention made a great difference in this world May Allah (SWT) reward brother Khaldi for his great invention and give him the highest place in Jannah Ameen and next time when you drink a cup of coffee Be proud that our Muslim brother is the reason why we have this amazing drink. Oh And

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