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The European Journal of Sport and Exercise Science (EJES) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes manuscripts on all aspects of sports and exercise science. The journal is open-access, which means that all articles are available for free online. EJES is published by Scholar Research Library and is edited by a team of leading researchers in the field. The journal is supported by an international editorial board and a network of reviewers. Articles published in EJES are rigorously peer-reviewed by experts in the field. The journal also offers a fast turnaround time from submission to publication.EJSES is dedicated to providing a platform for the exchange of ideas and knowledge between researchers, practitioners, and students of sports and exercise science. The journal is published bimonthly, in January, March, May, July, September, and November. EJSES is an open-access journal and all articles are freely available to readers. We believe that open access is critical to the dissemination of knowledge and to the advancement of science. WHAT SORT OF RESEARCH DOES THE EJSES COVER? The EJSES is a refereed journal that publishes original research on all aspects of the development, operation, and utilization of energy systems. We are interested in fundamental as well as applied research, and we welcome papers from all parts of the world. We also welcome review articles that synthesize existing research on a particular topic. All papers must be of high scholarly quality and be of interest to an international readership. In particular, we are interested in articles that fall under the following themes: 1 Mechanical, materials, and electrical engineering applications to sporting scenarios 2 Aerodynamics of sporting scenarios 3 Physics of sport 4 Mathematics of sport 5 Biomechanics with applications to sports equipment 6 Design of sports equipment 7 Equipment Testing HOW CAN THE EJSES HELP RESEARCHERS IN THE SPORTS AND EXERCISE SCIENCE FIELD? The EJSES is a valuable resource for researchers in the field of sports and exercise science. The journal provides access to the latest research findings, which can help researchers to keep up to date with the latest developments in their field. In addition, the EJSES offers a platform for sharing ideas and information with other researchers in the field. If you are interested in submitting a manuscript to EJSES, please read the guidelines for authors and submit your article via the online submission system. HOW CAN THE EJSES BENEFIT ATHLETES AND COACHES? The EJSES can benefit athletes and coaches by providing them with information about the training process and physical state of the athlete. The EJSES can also be used to monitor the athlete's progress and prevent injuries. EJSES will integrate sports science theory and practice, encourage critical reflection on coaching practice, and assess widely held assumptions about coaching efficacy and performance improvement. It will be encouraged to use open learning systems in which sports scientists are informed of the difficulties coaches confront and are able to translate their expertise into practical use. The goal of the journal is to foster the growth of a community where sports scientists and coaches respect and learn from one another as they help athletes develop skills through safe and effective training, improving their performance, maximizing their enjoyment of sports, and fostering character development. WHAT SHOULD AUTHORS DO TO GET THEIR PAPERS READY TO SUBMIT TO THE EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF SPORT AND EXERCISE SCIENCE? A peer-reviewed publication that publishes original research on all facets of sport and exercise science is the European Journal of Sport and Exercise Science. Submissions from authors all over the world are welcome at the journal. Manuscripts must be well-written and thoroughly researched in order to be considered for publication. Additionally, they must follow the journal's submission requirements. On the journal's website, you may find these rules. Authors should thoroughly read and adhere to the journal's criteria before submitting work. The likelihood of their work being accepted for publication will rise as a result. We hope you'll take advantage of the opportunity to join our scholar community and contribute to our work. WHY DO YOU STILL WAIT, THEN? Finally, we kindly request that you submit your manuscript for the upcoming issue. You have a wonderful chance to gain recognition in the scientific community by having your work published in a respected publication. You can submit your writing by mail to the address listed below, on Twitter (using the provided handle), or via WhatsApp. If you'd like to send us your manuscript via mail, send it to the address provided below, or you can WhatsApp us or tweet us. Through the link for manuscript submission, you can also submit your work online. We look forward to reading your work. WhatsApp: +447723598358 Email: Twitter: Submission Link: