What Is the Mildest Indian Curry? - 3 minutes read

What is the mildest indian curry

Do you know Mildest Indian Curry? Although many of us associate the word 'curry' with heat, there are actually some very mild curries out there. These are usually made with a combination of yogurt and coconut, allowing for a smooth and mild flavour without losing the spice factor.

Palak Paneer - Spinach & Cottage Cheese

This northern Indian dish is perfect for those who are vegetarian, or just looking to try something a little different! This spinach-based curry (Palak Paneer) is scented with garlic, milk and spices, and it's best served with a bowl of basmati rice.

Rajma Masala - Red Kidney Beans

If you're a fan of rajma curry, this is the mildest version you can find. The red kidney beans are cooked in a spicy tomato and onion sauce, and are also very delicious!

Rogan Josh – Lamb with Oil and Spices

Kashmiri rogan josh is a popular Northern Indian dish. Known for its thick and rich red sauce, this dish is not incredibly spicy but it does contain a generous amount of warming spices.

Jalfrezi - Fried Meat / Fish / Vegetables

Jalfrezi is another Northern Indian classic that consists of marinating meat, fish or vegetables in a hot, oil-based sauce. It's not particularly spicy but it is a staple dish in most Indian restaurants and can be served with a variety of sides, including aloo gobi (potato and cauliflower) or dal (lentils).

Chicken 65 - Butter Chicken

One of the most well-known Indian dishes, this curry requires the chicken to be marinated in butter chicken and then coated with a sauce that contains Kashmiri red chillies for that extra kick. It's a great dish to have on hand, whether you're going out for dinner or just craving a comforting Indian snack!

What Is the Hottest Indian Spice?

Almost all savory Indian dishes are seasoned with spices. Whether it is the classic Garam Masala or something more exotic, the ingredients in these dishes all have their own unique flavour.

The hottest Indian spice found in Indian cooking is the Bhut Jolokia chilli pepper. This chilli originated in Nagaland and is considered one of the 10 spiciest peppers in the world.

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