FOUNTEN PEN INVENTOR - 3 minutes read

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Founten painLiving in today’s world, pens are very common. 2 billion pens are produced every year in just the United States. But at one point we didn’t have the pens that we do now. Long ago, people used different things to write. Some would use charcoal, sticks, stones and some other things. But how did we get to the pen that we have now?

aWell, let’s go all the way back to the year953 in Egypt. During that time most people used a bottle of ink aand a quill or a bird feather to write. They would dip the quill or a bird feather in the ink every couple of words and that was their pen. During that time, Al-Mu'izz li-Din Allah was the caliph or ruler of Egypt. He was an educated man and loved learning. Al-Mu'izz would always write a lot. He had to write his orders since he was aruler, and he wrote what he learned or what he had questions about. This one day when Al-Mu'izz was writing he got frustrated. There were drops of ink all over his desk. The ink was spread all over his hands, clothes,and paper.

Al-Mu'izz started thinking about a way to create something so the ink would not go all over the place when he wrote. He also wanted a pen that would be faster to write with. After some time he came up with the idea of having ink inside the pen. Al-Mu'izz told his idea to his advisor. The advisor looked at Al-Mu'izz weirdly and asked if that was even possible. Ink inside a pen? Al-Mu'izz told his advisor that anything was possible if Allah wanted. So, the advisor got a craftsman and told Al-Mu'izz’idea to him.The craftsman quickly went to work.

After a couple of days the first fountain pen was completed. Al-Mu'izz tried the pen out he was so happy. His idea worked! The pen did not spill any ink even if youthrew it. The ink only came out when you wrote withit. Pen is one of the greatest inventions that were invented by the Muslim which made a difference in this world. Brother Al-Mu'izz li-Din Allah was a true great Muslim hero whose invention made a great difference in this world. May Allah (swt) reward Brother Al-Mu'izz li-DinAllah for his great invention and give him the highest place in the Jannah. Ameen.

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