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Today we are going to be discussing how to use motivational quotes to start each morning.

The first thing to do when you are getting started with this process is have a place to store your quotes, you can pick up a collection of quotes or you can choose your favorites from any number of sources including online.


Once you have the quotes that you would like to use you should have a journal or a personal calendar or even index cards (whichever you prefer) and begin to write out each of the quotes.

Each day, at least once a day but preferably several times or more you will reference one of the quotes you selected and each day you will do the same alternating between the motivational quotes.

Some people prefer to stick with just one quote and commit it to memory so that they can recite it dozens of times per day but this is up to you and is a personal choice how you want to handle your quote or quotes.

The recommended suggestion is to use the quote the first thing in the morning. If you have a bed side table you can leave your journal or your index card here and the first thing you do when you wake up is you take it and you read it.

Those first few moments when you wake up are so important to determining the perspective you are going to have throughout the day.

If you wake up angry, or sad, and you don't make a decision to change the emotion you will find the day is more challenging and more difficult for you to manage.

On the other side of the coin if you wake up angry or sad and you read something that motivates you that inspires you what you are doing is removing the negative thoughts and energy that were possibly residual from the night before and replacing those thoughts and energy with positive thoughts and energy.

A good method to use would be to first read it silently and if possible to read it out loud. (You may even be able to whisper it if being quiet is an issue)

Using the motivational quotes or even creating your own motivational quote is truly effective to getting you in the right frame of mind to not only start your day but to motivate yourself throughout the day.