Is Grimes Pregnant and Should We Blog It? (NSFW) - 1 minute read

Is Grimes Pregnant?

This post is not safe for work.

Okay, we know the answer to one question.

Grimes, a popular musician who has been dating Elon Musk for what seems like a lifetime, posted the following to her Instagram today:

(Instagram presumably removed the post for violating its nudity policy, here’s an archived link and some tweets.)

Yup, that’s a fetus, like when you’re pregnant. And there’s maybe some kind of scaring on her belly that indicates you’re looking at art. Replying to a commenter, Grimes said something about “being knocked up”:

Is she saying she’s having a baby with Elon? No clue. Is she promoting her new album, which is scheduled to be released in the next month or so, therefore making us pawns in her marketing strategy? Absolutely. And two things can be true at once.

Whatever it is, congrats to Grimes.


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