How can I grow my first 10k followers? - 3 minutes read

This is a problem that many brands are having, they want to grow their first 10k to be able to put link in their stories, for people to swipe up, buying 10k followers will do the trick, but you won't get sales, let get started on how to grow real 10k followers.


PICK A NICHE - This is very important, make sure the niche you are picking is related to your brand/business, or make sure you are passionate about the niche you are picking (if you don't have a business and just want to grow a page).

BRANDING - Optimize your profile by writing what you are about, what you do, and a call to action, also make sure you have emoji and nice fonts, don't put numbers in your name(make it neat).

RESEARCH - Market research is really important, you can just go into a market without knowing about it, research who are the influencers and competitors in your niche, research what contents are best performing on their page, research what call to actions are consistent on their page, research how many times they are posting, research what hashtags they are using(pick only the ones you are able to rank in). Take all you have researched and implement it on your page.

CONTENT - Make sure you are posting contents that are high quality and related to your niche, download the best performing contents you have researched and repost it on your page and credit the original creator, or you can recreate it in your own style.

CONSISTENCY - This is really important, make sure you are posting daily and posting more, you should be posting 2-4 times daily because it increases your chances of going viral and it keeps your audience more engaged with your page, also make sure you are using hashtags when you post, mix hashtags you can rank in with one's you can't rank in, use geo tags on your post, this helps gain followers from a location. (also make sure you are able to rank in the geo tags before using them).

NETWORKING - This is the gasoline to the fire, reach out to influencers and compliment their page and ask how much they charge for promotion on their page and pay them to promote your contents, make sure you ask for their story views before paying them (5-10% of their following as views, if they have authentic following).

Engagement groups - This is also part of networking, reach out to competitors below 20k and message them to start an engagement group( in the DMS), use this wording in your own style “Hey! I'm starting a DM group with 10k+ accounts would you love me to add you for free?” when they agree to create a DM group and add them in and start sharing posts and liking posts which will help you get on the explore page.

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That all I have for you to grow your first 10k I hope you implement them.