How to Enjoy Tiger Safari on Holiday in India - 4 minutes read


There are a large number of National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in India where tiger is found. These are also called tiger reserves since they are partly managed under the aegis of Project Tiger Program. The reserves are also referred as conservation units and are spread all over India barring few state where the Bengal Tiger is not found.

The states with the big cats are responsible for protection of the species and to augment their numbers. They also conduct tourism under the directive of the highest court and NTCA a government body responsible for conservation and to oversee the how the safaris are conducted. The acronym stands for National Tiger Conservation Authority.

You can too enjoy tiger safaris in India on holiday if you make the right preparations and take right decisions.

First make sure that the reserve you have in mind has good tiger sightings. This is essential since you have to take many rides before you can come across a big cat. But this is not always the case for you can sight a tiger on very first visit. This means you have to book as many rides as you can. They cost money for every safari you have to pay the park fee and the guide fee. If you hire a naturalist you have to pay for him or her. But I would recommend you do hire a naturalist although a park guide is allotted for every ride as mandatory. Book more of morning safaris if you have time constraint the evening ones are shorter.

Some of the popular safari parks in India are:

  • Kanha National Park
  • Corbett Tiger Reserve
  • Ranthambhore
  • Bandhavgarh
  • Pench
  • Tadoba Andhari
  • Panna

These are the destinations you should choose to visit in your quest to enjoy wildlife and see the majestic predators. Some of the parks have a good number of species for bird watching as well. These reserves have a good tourism infrastructure and transportation network close to major cities. You can choose a reserve other than those mentioned above but be sure of the sightings. You can be part of a package with travel to more than one place. This is better for in a package tour you need not bother about travel arrangements and accommodations. All the essentials are taken care of by the tour operator.

Make the travel plan in advance since the first prerequisite is the permit without which you cannot enter the park for excursions. These excursions are organised on open jeeps and you can book one for your family or friends. The maximum seating capacity is six. Since there is a limit on entry you need to book in advance or let the tour operator do it for you. Always book safari permit in the core area since the outer ring or buffer is outside and holds less species. Discuss or read to maximize rides in the best zones in the core. There can be three or more zones in the core for tourism.

If you are on your own book accommodation as well before the commencement of the journey. Check all the facilities and amenities with the hotel management and also read the reviews online. Pay advance online if you choose one and also inquire about the naturalist service. Check on food they serve and inform them of preferences. Inquire as to what safe guards they have for preventing pandemic infection this is urgent in the present time.

Also check on accommodation type prefer luxury tents or suite and stay at high end resorts if possible. Can they help in travel arrangements elsewhere? Inquire if you are not a part of a tour package. Make sure of the season, ideal time is winter since summers are very hot in India.

Read about the destination where you are going about the birds and animals and interesting places nearby if any. Remember most of the tiger safari holiday destinations are in remote areas. Hence purchase all essentials before hand. Carry hand books on birds, binoculars and camera to capture images of tigers and other enchanting animals on this wild holiday.