Win Over Bloggers to Promote Your Book - 2 minutes read

There might have been a time when blogs struggled to gain respect, but those days are fading faster each year. Anyone looking into how to market a book will quickly see the value of blogs that reach increasingly larger audiences. If the internet has taught us one thing, it's the power of niche marketing, and nowhere is it more accurate than with blogs. Most focus on specific topics and reach a loyal and highly interested audience. When you find ones that align with your book's subject, you'll see impressive results when you're mentioned or write a guest post. It's instant exposure to a new audience.

Every successful book project is clear about its target readers from the start. It's the same with blogs, where each blogger aims to attract a specific audience. As blogs have become more professional and widely read, their publicity value has increased. For authors trying to connect with specific audiences, they offer an easy way to do it. Once a blog has covered you, its followers will likely be interested in you and your book. Many authors run giveaways and contests with bloggers around their book launches. They may accompany an article or interview and extend the audience reach.

Today, it's common for book PR programs to reach online influencers and include traditional media. The mix of both, when carefully planned, increases your chances of reaching the target audience. When you receive mentions anywhere, they only spark book sales when they reach the right readers. No book can be for everyone, and given the number of titles in print today, effective marketing means getting through to your audience. People have infinite book choices, and other authors compete for their attention. Understanding the realities of the marketplace and doing your part to meet them matters.

It's wise to follow blogs before you request coverage. Becoming familiar with a blogger's interests and opinions gives you insight into what would make a good pitch for coverage. If you get to know bloggers before publishing your book, they will likely provide you with coverage. When you have a genuine interest in the blog's content, you'll make a more natural connection with its readers. Understanding their opinions and interests lets you make comments that will spark their interest. You may also encourage visits to your website or people to join your email list. Each bodes well for your book publicity campaign.