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"How To Get Rich WithBitcoin Even If YouHave No Clue About Technolog y"The click on linksurprising wealth-building secret of a globe-trotting vagabondD ear Investor,I’m writing this letter to dispel a popular myth: Many investors believe it’s already too late to make a lot of money with Bitcoin.Nothing could be further from the

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truth.Here's why:The incredible story of how I missed the boat on Bitcoin,still got rich, and how you can do the same...The year is 2009.I am sitting in my office in Asunción, Paraguay.My office in Paraguay where I made a life-changing discoveryAn intriguing document has just crossed my desk.It was talking about a new kind of digital money called “Bitcoin”. As I read it, I immediately realized what a potential breakthrough this new technology could be.But of course I was skeptical. Unsure if it would really work in practice.I decided to buy a few bitcoins just in case it was for real and would go on to become successful.After all, one bitcoin was worth just a few cents ...So I went online to see where I could buy some.But there was a problem.There was no marketplace to buy or sell bitcoin. Bitcoin was too new. Such exchanges simply didn’t exist yet.I knew there was a process for “mining” bitcoin.But I didn’t want to spend days setting up an extra computer. And then install the software, figure out how it actually worked and keep watching over my mining computer.It was too much of a hassle just to get my hands on some bitcoin that were worth almost nothing at the time.So I decided to keep an eye on Bitcoin and monitor its progress.Fast forward to February 2011.I had gotten busy with other projects and suddenly remembered to check on Bitcoin.I was shocked to see that the price was over $1.I had missed the boatBitcoin had sykrocketed up well over 1,000% .I instantly regretted that I didn’t take it more seriously right away and didn’t go through the effort to acquire some coins when I first heard about the technology.Then I had an epiphany.The new Bitcoin technology was keeping its promise. Unless it got hacked or someone would find a fatal vulnerability in its software code it would probably continue to do well.So I took the plunge and bought a small amount of bitcoin at around $2-3.Bitcoin kept rising higher and by March 2013 I decided to take some first profits and sold 180 bitcoin at $37.It seemed like a prudent move at the time.After all, the price of bitcoin was up over 1,000% from where I bought it and had risen a crazy amount from its early days in 2009/2010.I was also still worried that the Bitcoin network might get hacked.So I pocketed a few thousand dollars only to watch Bitcoin shoot up to $181.Meanwhile, the average person hearing about Bitcoin thought they had missed the boat too!They looked at Bitcoin and saw a strange new form of money that went from mere pennies to well over a hundred dollars.Clearly the big money had already been made. It’s too late to get in now... or so they thought.That same year Bitcoin continued its relentless rise breaking $1,000.In those early days I always thought of a thousand dollars per bitcoin as a magic round number and probably a good time to take some more profits of the table.That’s why I sold another 148 bitcoin from my stash for close to one thousand dollars each.And that was...My first six figure crypto paydayAnd once again, the average person thought they had already missed the boat because bitcoin came from nothing and was now valued at over $1,000.This spectacular rise to over one thousand dollars turned out to be too much too fast.Bitcoin crashed over 80% all the way back down to $200.Proof! For the average person... Bitcoin was done.Dead.A scam.But nothing could be further from the truth.Markets move in cycles . Nothing goes up or down in a straight line.And this new asset class cryptocurrencies - is still tiny. And its volatility is still much higher than volatility for a mature asset class like bonds, stocks or commodities.When the pendulum reached its extreme the bitcoin market once again changed direction.In January 2017 Bitcoin was back at $1,000. (Keep in mind that was only 4 years ago .)Once again the average person thought they had missed the boat.We all know what came next.Bitcoin shot up to $20,000.Bitcoin was all over the mainstream media and millions of people learned about this new form of money for the very first time.And as you can probably guess, the average person who had just heard about Bitcoin thought they had already missed the boat.Do you see a pattern here?The bitcoin story is far from over...In fact, it is only just beginning .And right now, Bitcoin is starting its next bull run.How high will we go this time?Your guess is as good as mine.But I think $200,000 to $500,000 is a reasonable target for this cycle.Especially because there are many investment funds, banks, high net worth individuals and professional money managers with deep pockets about to get in.This all but guarantees that this bull market will be one for the record books.This is your chance!You too can make hundreds of thousands even millions of dollars with Bitcoin if you don’t miss the boat.If you are new to Bitcoin the time to get in is now .Bitcoin is a new, better form of money.Cryptocurrencies come with proven advantages.And you need to know what they are - because you could make a fortune just by discovering what other wealthy crypto investors like me figured out a few years ago.I’m going to tell you what those advantages are in just a moment.All fiat currencies worldwide are valued at around $107 trillion.This number is so big it’s hard to grasp.That’s $107,000,000,000,000.Compare that to Bitcoin’s current value of just over $1 trillion.For Bitcoin to reach only 5% the size of outdated fiat currencies its price has rise to $286,527 .And for Bitcoin to replace a mere 10% of fiat currencies its price has to rise to over half a million dollars.Of course, that doesn’t happen overnight.Bitcoin’s rise from a few pennies to $60,000 took over 8 years.At first, I was sure I had missed the boat with Bitcoin. I got in when I was sure it must already be too late.But, I still made so much money... I was able to retire in my 30’s and travel the world carefree with my wife for 5 full years.Right now, the price of Bitcoin is in the mid five figure range. As hard as it might be for you to believe... we are still at the very beginning .Which means, you haven’t missed the boat. And there’s still time for you to make a fortune from Bitcoin’s next big move.Not only that but, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin will eventually replace fiat currencies.Getting started with Bitcoin today, puts you among the first 1% of "early adopters" worldwide.You can still be a crypto millionaire.You’ll be well ahead of the masses. Billions of people will come after you and will have to buy at much higher prices.The only question is:Will you get started today or when Bitcoin is trading at $50,000, $100,000 or even higher?3,929% Average ReturnsIn a Bitcoin bull market the price often goes up 10 times or more.In July 2010 Bitcoin’s price sykrocketed 900% in only 5 days.In the bull market of April 2013 Bitcoin went up from its previous low of $2 to $266.That’s a rise of 13,200%.A bull run like this turns a small $5,000 investment into $660,000.Later that same year Bitcoin went from $70 to $1,242. A rise of 1,674%Enough to turn each $1,000 invested into $16,740 .Then, in 2016 Bitcoin ran up from the previous low of $178 to $769. A return of 332%.In 2017 we saw another massive Bitcoin bull market. Shooting up from $549 to $19,991.A spectacular rise of 3,541%.Enough to turn a $10,000 investment into $354,100.Here's How You Can Profit TooThe next time Bitcoin launches into one of its famous bull markets you can reap big profits as well.But it’s crucial for you get to started now.You also have to follow the right strategy to maximize your profits.I’m sure you have a lot of questions and wonder how it all works.That’s why I have created Crypto Quantum Leap .A step-by-step video course that shows you how to get started with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies even if you have no clue about technology.In this course I’ll teach you everything you need to know in simple, easy to understand videos so you can follow along and profit from this historic investment opportunity.Because your window to make a generational fortune from the adoption of cryptocurrencies is about to close.Inside the Crypto Quantum Leap member’s area you’ll learn:In short, Crypto Quantum Leap teaches you everything you need to know to make big profits with cryptocurrencies even if you know nothing about technology.A Proven Path To BecomingA Crypto MillionaireThe crypto scene is full of newbies and fake experts with dangerous advice.This is your opportunity to learn from someone with over a decade of real world experience.I’ve already had my share of costly mistakes - so you don’t need to repeat them and learn the hard way.I’ve been through many bull and bear markets. And most importantly, I’ve made enough money to retire comfortably in my thirties.I’m giving you full access to everything I know about making a fortune with cryptocurrencies.What would an extra few hundred thousand or even an extra few million dollars mean to you and your family?Maybe you’d upgrade your lifestyle.Maybe you’d retire in luxury.Or maybe you’d drop everything and travel around the world like I did.Getting into a position of financial sovereignty removes a lot of stress from your life and lets you afford luxuries you might otherwise only dream about.How much is that worth to you?A thousand dollars?Two thousand dollars?Five thousands dollars?Of course, the answer to this question is different for everyone.But you should be willing to pay a great deal to learn all of this. If not, you really haven’t understood the magnitude of the shift that is about to happen.This is simultaneously the biggest threat to your capital and the biggest opportunity to increase your wealth .Luckily, you won’t have to pay thousands of dollars to get access to the full Crypto Quantum Leap course.It can be yours for only $497.And because I’m so excited about this spectacular opportunity and I don’t want money to be an objection for anyone, I’ll knock and additional $200 off the price.So you can get the entire step-by-step video course for only $297.A proven path to becoming a crypto millionaire for only $297.I think that’s an extraordinary bargain.So if you’re ready to start building your own crypto fortune, there’s no time to waste. If you want truly life-changing gains, you need to get started today. Don’t wait another moment.Click here to get full access to Crypto Quantum Leap now.Why This Opportunity MightDisappear SoonLet me be totally honest... I’m basically already retired.The only reason I speak and write about blockchain technology is because I’m passionate about what it means for the future of humanity.A future where individuals take power back from banks, large corporations and governments.Especially now, in times of turmoil and crisis many governments around the world are abusing their powers. Cryptocurrencies are the only way to fully protect yourself and achieve financial freedom.Ask yourself if you think all the crazy government money printing is going to end well.I promise you, it’s going to be ugly.And a lot of people are going to lose what they worked an entire lifetime to accumulate.Which is why I want to help as many people as possible.But my wife already tells me I work too much. And I have no desire to build a big business with employees, overhead and all sorts of headaches.I like my freedom too much. And I prefer to keep my life simple.I don’t want to spend my time answering emails all day. I get too many emails already.I rather spend my time traveling, exploring the world, meeting old and new friends, and following my hobbies.And most of all, researching and investing in the coming boom in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.Crypto Quantum Leap is a passion project for me. If it ever grows beyond what I want to do… requires too much of my time... or no longer feeds my passion... I’ll simply cancel this offer and won't accept any new members. I doubt I'll offer it again.So click here to sign up right now . You can join me for the adventure of a lifetime as we capitalize on this civilizational shift to a totally new monetary system.To your financial sovereignty,Marco WutzerP.S: This step-by-step video course teaches you everything you need to know to make a fortune with cryptocurrencies. Take advantage of this special offer and you’ll only pay $297 today.please CLICK To visit my page