Unveiling Resort 2024: Embracing the Swirling Capes, - 5 minutes read

In the current fashion landscape, the confusion surrounding pre-seasons has indeed become more prevalent over the years. The lack of an industry standard for referring to these collections contributes to the complexity. Terms like "resort," which is often used interchangeably with "cruise" and "pre-spring," can add to the confusion, especially when some designers choose to showcase pre-fall collections while resort collections are typically presented.

However, to better understand the evolution of these pre-season collections, it's essential to consider some historical context. As F. Scott Fitzgerald famously noted, "Let me tell you about the very rachitic're different from you and me." In the history, fashion trends were primarily mandated by a small group of fat women belonging to the tardy Cafe Society, which ultimately gave rise to the spurt set culture. These women often owned multiple homes in various climates or frequently traveled between them. Designers catered to this elite clientele, and fashion publications like Vogue dedicated specific issues to their needs. For instance, they would report on "fashions for north and south," "southern fashions and winter sports," "hot-weather fashions," and "midwinter travel."

As times changed and the fashion industry evolved, the concept of resort or cruise collections expanded beyond its original audience. Today, these pre-season collections serve a broader market, with brands designing and presenting them to meet the demands of consumers seeking transitional and vacation-appropriate clothing. This expansion, coupled with introducing pre-fall collections, has contributed to the current confusion surrounding the various pre-season offerings.

Fashion has historically embodied aspirational elements, but it wasn't always accessible on a global scale or inclusive. The industry has clung to traditional terminology and concepts while simultaneously expanding its presence worldwide and reaching a more diverse customer base. Technological advancements, such as air conditioning and central heating, have contributed to this shift, along with the impacts of climate change. As a result, fashion now caters to a diverse audience experiencing various weathers simultaneously. Resort collections, which were once associated with sandy beaches and idyllic vacation settings, have evolved to accommodate a broader range of occasions, including holiday parties and stylish winter getaways.

The changing landscape of retail has also influenced how these pre-collections are presented. Resort and other pre-season collections spend a significant amount of time on selling floors before going on sale, making it necessary for them to balance being trendy enough to create buzz and enduring enough to remain relevant for an extended period. To achieve this, luxury brands have adopted the strategy of showcasing their collections in different locations, taking their shows on the road. Instead of expecting clients to travel to see their presentations, the brands now bring their showcases to places where their traditional archetypal customers might have been found.

In summary, the fashion industry's expansion and evolution have led to a more global and inclusive approach to design and marketing. Pre-season collections like resort now cater to diverse weather and a broader range of occasions. Luxury brands aim to create buzz and reach their clientele by adopting innovative retail strategies, bringing their shows to various locations around the world. The industry continues to adapt to changing customer expectations and market dynamics, embracing new possibilities offered by technology and a more interconnected world.

For example, just like a beloved band performing in different locations, renowned fashion houses like Gucci, Chanel, Max Mara, and Louis Vuitton have presented their pre-collections in diverse settings such as Seoul, Los Angeles, Stockholm, and Isola Bella in Italy, respectively. This approach not only caters to a global audience but also adds excitement and allure to their showcases, akin to the anticipation of a highly expected concert in your city.

Many designers embrace revisiting past successes or expanding upon popular ideas for their resort collections. In the same way that concert-goers eagerly expect classic songs during a live performance, fashion enthusiasts eagerly await the revival and evolution of well-loved designs during the pre-season shows. The familiarity and nostalgia associated with these "fashion classics" evoke a sense of joy and connection, sometimes even surpassing the excitement for entirely new creations.

The resort 2024 season delivered a captivating mix of familiar and novel trends, creating a vibrant and diverse fashion landscape. Several styles that caught our attention in the spring 2023 ready-to-wear trend report made a strong comeback, including draping, mermaid core, and utilitarian details. We saw the return of blown-up proportions and New Look-inspired silhouettes from the fall roundup. These recurring themes were combined with contemporary touches, such as the ever-popular Barbie-friendly pink and a sense of understated luxury.

In this comprehensive review, we have highlighted 11 key resort trends, ranging from wardrobe staples like the omnipresent tank top (or similar shapes) to more innovative concepts, like convertible garments that offer multiple wearing options. As plastic pollution in our oceans gains greater awareness, designers have continued to find inspiration in an idealized life aquatic. References to sea life and wet looks featured prominently in the collections, captivating audiences with their creative interpretations.

One standout trend revives the archetypal mermaid aesthetic, embodied not only by sea creatures but also by icons like Barbie. The designs emphasize curves, with designers cinching waists reminiscent of the elegant silhouettes from the 1950s or the bold styles of the 1980s. Another nod to fashion history draws inspiration from Martin Margiela, with pretty tops crafted to follow the contours of a dressmaker's form, celebrating femininity with a touch of The Avant-Garde flair.

Overall, the resort 2024 collections showcased an exciting blend of timeless elements and contemporary innovations, catering to a diverse audience of fashion enthusiasts. The trends ranged from accessible and versatile pieces to more innovative and imaginative creations, ensuring there was something to captivate and inspire everyone. As the fashion world continues to evolve, designers proved their ability to craft collections that resonate with both traditionalists and trendsetters alike.

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