High End Resorts in Bandhavgarh What to Expect! - 4 minutes read

Taj mahua kothi

Most of the high end resorts in Bandhavgarh offer mix of amenities urban and local or traditional. Remote situation impact accommodations and bring about a character change. First imperative is the architecture and ambiance which should gel with the local environment...that is a landscape endowed with dense forests, rugged terrain and mountains. During construction this is kept in mind, and if you observe most of the resorts have a traditional modern interface a mix between the natural environment and the quaint little hamlets that are often situated nearby.

The absence of central place is a notable feature in case of accommodations with independent cottages or luxury tents. This is replaced by a central reception with a lobby and a library at the most. In some properties the dining hall or restaurant is attached creating an impressive central structure but the accommodations remain seperate to accord greater privacy. Private sit outs or balcony peeping into the canopy is a luxurious attachment with in situ bathroom and warmly embellished living space or suite. In some properties additional open to sky sleeping quarter on the terrace and an open to sky bath with shower is provided although at higher cost of residence.

Landscape gardens on urban lines are minimized and local flora is incorporated with a mix of tall trees, herbs and shrubs to create a miniature forest within the premises. Some with very large acreage have wild animals visiting in the night while birds are ubiquitous in all properties. The wildlife resorts never stop short of featuring this in their advertisements. Some of the old properties are situated right next to core area of Bandhavgarh allowing sightings of wild animals including leopards and tigers. But this is rare since the animals are shy of human presence.

Most of the high end properties do provide with wait services in the living quarters and believe me in remote surroundings this is a super luxury. The effort is to provide great comfort, style and integrate these features with a local touch that would differentiate it with urban dwellings or hotels in towns and cities. This approach has been incorporated even by brands that conform form to five star status in the wilderness. Copious offerings is another large hearted feature of these super luxurious properties. There is a constant flow of snacks cooked to perfection by expert chefs and a doting service throughout the day. There is a change in menu on day to day basis for snacks, breakfast in the park on safari and dinners.

The etiquette is aimed at making you feel like a king by well trained hospitality staff and wait service. The extravagance comes with a price and these wildlife resorts charge very high tariffs on per night basis.

The properties are endowed by lot of paraphernalia in shape of sit outs, fireplaces, bush dining facilities and even sky grazing with good quality telescope. The safaris in the park are extended with night drives in the confines and nature and village trek. The resident naturalists are among the key features useful not only for wildlife interpretation but as key elements of hospitality. They literally spend most of the time with the guests. In fact they play a central role by enhancing the guest experience during their safari holidays. Most of the properties visualize them as marketing tools with many guests becoming repeat visitors thanks to great safaris.

In the evening after exhausting safaris the fireplace becomes the hub of gathering with the naturalist at the forefront. Jungle lore dominates with guests sharing tit bits of their travel experiences. Camp fires and bush dinners are ideal for sundowners and some serve a wide variety of drinks. The evening ends with a fine dinner and then a restful sleep. The high end Bandhavgarh resorts are rated by the safari experience they provide. Hence all the features are bundled together for a positive appraisal. For a good stay experience always go through the list carefully before choosing one.