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What you need to know Peak Design launched a new lineup of travel accessories, including a Small Tech Pouch.This new carrying case is a smaller version of the standard Tech Pouch, making it a great way to store mobile accessories while on the go. After using the Small Tech Pouch for a few weeks now, it’s my favorite accessory organizer yet.

Peak Design has been making quality camera gear and mobile accessories for years, and there’s a new product that might be a good fit for Android power users. It’s called the Small Tech Pouch, and it’s a smaller version of the regular Tech Pouch, measuring about half the size of the original. It retails for $50 and comes in four colors: black, charcoal, midnight, and sage.

The release of the Small Tech Pouch, which just became available starting June 20, lined up with a new lineup of travel accessories from Peak Design. That includes the Travel Duffel 50L, Travel Duffel 80L, Packable Tote, and Ultralight Packing Cubes. I’ve been testing all of them for about a month, and surprisingly, it’s the Small Tech Pouch that I can’t stop using. It holds a lot more than its looks would suggest, and I fit all the Android accessories I need on a daily basis inside with no issues whatsoever. 

Before using the Small Tech Pouch, I used the Native Union Stow carrying case and accessory organizer for well over a year. It fit the aesthetic I was looking for and held a fair bit of items, but I actually had to buy two of them to carry everything I needed for trips. There were a few other things I wasn’t a huge fan of, like zipper pockets that restricted what you could put inside them, an over-reliance on elastic straps, and a lack of rigidity when the carrying case was empty. 

To be fair, the Small Tech Pouch doesn’t solve all these problems. Some of the case’s small-but-stretchy compartments still limit what you can put inside them. But what Peak Design got right is the rigid design that holds its shape even when the organizer is empty. That allows you to stuff things that don’t quite fit in the small compartments in the empty space in the middle of the Small Tech Pouch. Sometimes  less is more when it comes to pre-sized compartments, and it looks like Peak Design understood that.

The company added something that I haven’t seen before on an accessory organizer to the Small Tech Pouch. There are two small loops on each end of the pouch that allow you to wear it as a crossbody bag. It’s something I didn’t know I needed until I tried it. Instead of taking everything out of your accessory organizer and moving it all over to a fanny pack or crossbody, simply clicking on a strap to the Small Tech Pouch provides a similar experience.

That just about sums up why, as a power user that carries a lot of tech and accessories on a daily basis, an accessory organizer is a must-have for me. Most backpacks or tech bags have places you could put all your accessories inside without needing a dedicated pouch. But with an accessory organizer, you can move all your essentials across different bags without any stress. Everything is always stored in one place, so it’s always there when you need it. 

What I fit inside the Peak Design Small Tech Pouch (Image credit: Brady Snyder / Android Central)

I was pleasantly surprised how much the Small Tech Pouch can fit despite its 1L capacity limit. I couldn’t fill it up, at least not without going overboard just for the sake of doing so. You can see everything I fit inside the Small Tech Pouch in the image above, but here’s a quick rundown:

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Two Ugreen power adaptersTwo pairs of Beats Solo Buds Ugreen USB-C hubSD card reader and storage case Microfiber clothUSB-C to USB-C cableUSB-C to MagSafe 3 cableUSB-C to Apple Watch cablePeak Design Cuff camera strap

That’s everything I need for work on a daily basis and then some. On some days, I stuffed Ugreen’s massive 145W, 25,000 mAh power bank in there as well. I’m sure someone will find a way to fill up the Small Tech Pouch with their everyday carry, but mine is fairly robust and I didn’t come close.

(Image credit: Brady Snyder / Android Central)

As the name suggests, this pouch still does remain compact. I tested it in a variety of backpacks and messenger bags, from the lightweight Incase Facet 20L backpack, to the Peak Design Everyday Messenger, to the spacious LTT backpack. You should be able to fit the Small Tech Pouch in most bags, and if you can’t, you can turn the pouch into a bag of its own with the loops. It’s this kind of versatility that makes Peak Design’s new accessory organizer stand out.

So, should you buy it? With a price tag of $50, you’ll want to make sure you have a need for it before you make the purchase. I think it’s worth the price, but I’m someone who values being able to store a variety of tech accessories in one place. My rule of thumb is that accessories are only useful if you have them with you when you need them. It’s simple, but I’m sure we all remember a time when we wish we had headphones or a charger with us. 

The Peak Design Small Tech Pouch does a better job of storing my favorite Android accessories in a compact form factor, even besting the Native Union Stow organizer I used for over a year. That’s appealing to me, and if it sounds valuable to you, the Small Tech Pouch will likely be a worthy buy.

Source: Android Central

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