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A New Tron mining site was released on March 20th this year and its Tron TRX. Well so many of you may not have heard of it. So i will make a review about the website. I have come across several different smart contracts like this and have participated in it.

Some of them were worth the try and others could be so discouraging. But i initially thought that this too will be worth it. The first thing we have to look at is the minimum investment. Here you can invest as little as $1 and start earning. This is really good and doesn’t looks cunning.Several other sites would require a lot of money to start. And they may also be scam.

I haven’t fell for a scam before but I know how painful it was because those days during my begining of searching for online sites to make money, I worked for a lot of sites who looks really legit but when it was time to get the money, It always doesn’t pays. So I gave it a bye and I had to focus on other things.Back to the review, the sign up processes doesn’t looks complex.

It’s easy to sign up but you shouldn’t add the “+” sign to the country code when inputting your phone number. I did this and I got some problems which was resolved when I asked the admin.It doesn’t require your email address. Just phone number, username and password. So after signing up, you get directed to the dashboard.

They claim to give a sign up bonus of 10000 trx. The dashboard looks great and professional and that looks encouragingI personally had to make a interview with one of the admin so I could get lots of info about the site. One of the things that will make me work on sites like this is when the referral program looks encouraging.

The referral program commission looks lucrative. By sharing and promoting links, the commission is 22%, 17% for the first level, 3% for the second level, and 2% for the third level. Well that’s a great referral program and I would love to give time into it. I also asked about the whitepaper and i was given and it seemed legit. On my own verdict i dont see it as a scam but i hope it doesnt turn to into a scam after some time. i would love to hear your opinions and i recommend this to you.

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Sign-up bonus: 10000 -Accumulated 5-10,000TRX daily minimum profit of 8.5% -Accumulated 500,001-1,000,000 TRX daily minimum profit 20%