7 Qualities That Men Find Attractive in Women - 5 minutes read

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7 Qualities That Men Find Attractive in Women

Dating is getting tougher now with the increasing rate of single women. Almost half of the U.S. population are single and single men are outnumbered by single women. There were reports that in America, for every 100 single women, there are only 88 single men available and so if you didn't fit in the qualities that men are looking for, chances are, you might remain single for a long time until you found your match. To increase your chances of getting noticed by men, it is important to know the qualities that men find attractive in women. Knowing these qualities will help you get ahead of other women.

So what are the qualities that men find attractive in women?

A woman who loves life. 

A woman who enjoys life and is sometimes playful but not to the point where she compromises her dignity as a woman is attractive. It can be really refreshing to be with a woman who wants to enjoy life. She can be adventurous sometimes and can set aside her fears just to try something new. It is not about being fearless that is attractive but it is the bravery to set aside her fears and try something new that is admirable. She is truly enjoying and living life. One of the qualities that men find attractive in women is being someone who loves life.

A woman who is honest. 

It is true that honesty is the best policy and men who want a long-term relationship are looking for women who possess the trait of being honest. Be truthful about who you are and what you want out of life. If you will pretend to be someone you are not just to attract men, it will not work. Men do not want to be deceived. Honesty is one of the qualities that men find attractive in women. But this doesn't mean that you have to divulge everything about yourself and your past when you first meet a man. Most men would lose interest on women who are too open and too available. Being mysterious helps heightened his interest and curiosity about you but if he starts asking you questions about your life, be honest and truthful.

A woman with a sense of style. 

Men are visual and they are attracted to women who have a good sense of style. A stylish woman doesn't mean trendy or a woman who easily hops on the latest craze in fashion. A stylish woman is a woman who dresses well, knows how to groom herself, and can carry herself well. She dresses appropriately and knows how to flatter her attractive physical features. She doesn't just follow the trend because trends come and go but style doesn't. She can be simple and yet stylish.

A confident woman. 

It can be tiring for men to keep assuring a woman with low self-esteem how great she is just to make her feel better. Men admire women who do not seek approval from other people to feel good about themselves. Men want women who know their worth, know what they want, know they are beautiful in their own way, and take pride on who they are. But being confident is different from being overbearing. Confident women are sure of themselves and their capabilities but they respect the pride of other people too. Being confident is one of the qualities that men find attractive in women. A confident woman is highly attractive to most men.

An appreciative woman. Men want women who know how to say thank you and appreciate the people around them. If a man sees this trait, it will give him the feeling that this woman will appreciate him too. Most men go out of their way just to make her woman happy and it can be really frustrating not to hear even a simple thank you or appreciation like "I enjoyed the dinner you planned". Showing gratitude or appreciation to people around you is one of the qualities that men find attractive in women.

A loyal woman. 

Most men looking for a long-term relationship look for loyalty in a woman. If you are loyal to your friends and to people who matter to you, this gives a good signal to men. Being loyal gives a man the security that whatever happens, you will stick with him. Women who know how to be loyal do not get swayed easily by other men and this can be very attractive to most men.

A woman with a great sense of humor. 

Men like women who enjoy a good laugh. This does not mean that you have to crack a joke every minute you are with him but when a man says that he likes women with a great sense of humor, it means that he likes women who have the wit and intelligence to make him laugh and most importantly someone who laughs at his jokes. Although we all must take life seriously, most men find women who worry too much and do not know how to laugh unattractive. The ability to share a good laugh is one of the qualities that men find attractive in women. It can be really nice to be with someone with whom you can share a good laugh.

Attracting men is not that easy but how come there are women who attract men like magnets?

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