5 Free Online Classes to Improve Your Financial Literacy - 6 minutes read

Financial literacy courses

Finance is a domain that is ripe with opportunities & substantial earning potential. Irrespective of recession or economic plunges careers in finance stand steady. This constancy is possibly because even in threatening financial circumstances, companies & individuals are required to trail their cash flow more minutely than ever, establishing a need for talented professionals in the field. Whether it’s the peak of good times or the worst of times, finance professionals are always required.

The best online classes serve the opportunity to learn from experts & professionals who can guide you back-to-back through the crucial factors of improving your financial literacy while testing your knowledge along the way. While many excellent courses for improving your financial literacy charge little or nothing at all, it's very important to identify the one that well deserves your precious time.

Through the tailored list of free online courses that target everything from elementary notions of the market to behavioral attributes that create a way to errors, get an insight into the crucial hypotheses of investments, banking, handling personal assets, and much more.

5 Free Online Classes - For Improving Your Financial Literacy:


ª Personal Finance 101- Udemy

This course is curated for anyone craving to attain excellence in practical knowledge of personal finance and improving one’s financial literacy, comprising everything from taxes to credit cards.

Regarding how this course is designed, it is structured to maximize your enjoyment & inculpation. With 50+ videos in total and over 3 hours of content, you’ll comprehend everything you are required to understand about improving your financial literacy or personal finance, covering how to pay your taxes how to buy a car how to pay off your loans.

In conclusion, as for the background, they are “Money Coach”, a financial education start-up that has spent years developing this module to bridge the deficiencies in financial education & to educate people about personal finance/financial literacy in the most influential way possible.


ª “edX” - Finance for Everyone, Smart Tools for Decision Making

This one is extensive, piled with learning tools & resources, self-paced, university-designed & educated, and it's free. That's the reason it’s the finest overall financial literacy course.

  • Extensive course.
  • College course curriculum but self-paced.
  • Expert guidance.
  • Groups Discussions & community platforms.
  • Free

The highlight of the course which makes it stand apart is its college course curriculum, which motivates students to keep moving forward with quality guidance & rendering them a unique learning experience.

It's a 6-week course (5 to 6 hours each week) comprising weekly learning modules including short videos embedded with interactive learning activities, enabling students to practice what they comprehend.

Overall, the course is structured for beginners & everyone for improving financial literacy. It begins with an in-depth analysis of the time value of money as the basics for comprehending & appreciating the various applications of finance to understand the financial conclusions we draw. The course offers a structure to assist and guide decisions in all details of money management.

The course is free, but if you desire to grab a certificate of successful completion, it will cost you $50.


ª Khan academy:

There are various free courses available for improving your financial literacy, but the Khan Academy has an excellent reputation for offering sterling online education courses which is the reason is the best free personal financial literacy course.

When it arrives to any course for improving your financial literacy, free is not free if you're devoting your valuable time. With Khan Academy's fifteen years of expertise in this domain, you can rest assured it deserves your precious time.

The fundamental framework of the course is structured around video lectures, short readings, synergetic questionnaires & comment threads. There are 9-course modules encompassing the essentials. A typical course comprises break-ups into units containing lessons consisting of all the resources you'll require.

The courses are exceptional in the way that there’s a virtual blackboard upon which notes are written down while the instructor interacts & thoroughly explains the conceptions/theories, exactly like in a real classroom. The educational site trails your progress as you work your way through the course, recording the time utilized watching videos, reading texts & your quiz assessment marks.  


ª Duke University:

To improvise your financial literacy, you are required to catch on to how your behavior impacts financial decisions. Duke University has stacked its academic immensity in the development of its Financial Literacy Course, establishing it as the best course for improvising your financial literacy. Some key highlights are:

  • University-structured course module
  • Expert Guidance
  • Focus on behavioral elements of finance.
  • It’s Free

Your financial conduct, comprising your bigotry & attitude about money, greatly impacts your financial decisions, which can have long-lasting consequences. Duke University provides a “Behavioural Finance” course module that targets how to handle your biases to draw better financial conclusions. Although the course is free, you have to pay a small fee for course certification, if required.

The 5-hour course analyses typical errors people commit in their financial decisions and how to dodge them. It supports you identify your own biases, leading to imperfect decision-making. The course is educated by “The Economics Associate Chair (E.A.C.)” which offers detailed assistance through a series of online videos. The course comprises additional readings & questionnaire at the end of each section.

ª Financial Literacy by Alison:

Alison’s online education courses allow everyone to undertake financial literacy & professional courses in a broad range of subjects. The courses on improving financial literacy will show you how to organize, budget, & save money efficiently.

Although at first look the free financial literacy online course may appear to be quite basic, consisting of 7 modules encompassing everything you need to know about financial literacy.

Every segment ropes a quiz & covers all of the mandatory topics thoroughly. After completion, you can pursue a course assessment to turn eligible for a certificate of successful completion. It’s comparatively inexpensive, about $20, but is not compulsory.

Key Highlights:

  • It’s Free.
  • A certificate can be obtained for a fee.
  • Duration: 6 to 10 hours.
  • Content: Introductory.
  • Superb User Experience.
  • Excellent Quality of Instruction.
  • Questionnaires to test your progress.
  • Excellent user experience.
  • Video tutoring & a final course examination.


Everyone has individual requirements, distinct learning patterns & specified elements they want to fetch from a financial literacy course. But at a min., search for a course with extensive coverage that offers the vital elements of improving your financial literacy in an ergonomic format and coached by an expert instructor or professional.

Regardless of whether you are pondering about your future career prospects, yearn for a deeper understanding of markets & investments, or wish to improve your financial literacy, undertaking some free Online Financial Literacy Courses is well worth the time & endeavor.

Improving your Financial Literacy demands you to enhance many skill sets at a go and is something everyone deals with every day.