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WindmillWindmills are pretty amazing But a lot of you may ask what are they? Well Windmills kind of look like a big fan and is usually seen in big fields The wind makes the blades move and that turns the wind into energy Windmills can be used to pump water from the ground for Agriculture and the same concept is used to get some of our electricity from windmills Thousands of homes are produced every year because of windmills But who should we think for this amazing discovery?

Well, let's go all the way back during the caliphate of Umar ibn al-Khattab Radiyaallahu ta'ala anhu in the seventh century for those of you who don't know who Umar (ra) was He was a companion of our last prophet. Muhammad (saw) and became the second caliph after Abu Bakr (ra) Anyways when the seasons changed in arabia There was a lot of wind that would cause all the water to dry up This caused a shortage of water supply. It was hard to get water for crops or Just even to have water to drink Omar (RA) was looking for a way to solve this problem a Persian Muslim came to Omar (RA) and told him that he could build a windmill that Would pump water from the energy of the wind Omar (RA) gave all of the materials that was needed and Told the persian man to build the windmill This windmill was a little different from the ones we mostly have now and was vertical After this Omar (RA) spread the word about the windmill that quickly spread all Over Arabia and later in the 12th century to EuropeWindmills

Completely changed the way of life by giving more water for more and better Agriculture, more water to us, and being an automatic grain grinder Later, the same concept was used to produce electricity Windmills are a lot safer than any other Energy sources and does not cause harm to the Earth's air Unlike a lot of the other energy sources that we use now let's all thank Omar (RA) for spreading the word of the windmill and Not making it lost in history may Allah (SWT) give him the highest place in jannah,

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