How Do I Reschedule My Flight With Turkish airlines - 2 minutes read

Flight change policy

Turkish Airlines Flight Change Policy


Our plans are subject to change as life is unpredictable. However, the cost of this irrationality need not be constant. Get acquainted with Turkish Airlines' change flight policy if you intend to fly with them any time soon. With a few quick clicks, you may quickly reschedule your flight (in the event of an unforeseen change) and save some additional money. Two ways are there by which you can change Turkish Airlines tickets, these are online and offline.


If a traveller changes their flight within the risk-free period, there is no Turkish Airlines Flight Change Fee, according to the change policy. For owners of refundable tickets, a zero-change-fee policy is in place. The whole cost of the ticket must be paid as a change charge, and the passenger must reissue the ticket from the aforementioned locations if it was not purchased from the official ticket counter, Turkish website, official mobile app, or through another Turkish channel.

Turkish Airlines Flight Change Policy states that passengers may make changes to their tickets up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. The airline will impose a change fee equal to the entire price of the original ticket if changes are made the day before departure. Consult a professional by coming to the Turkish Airlines AO General Directorate office if you have any queries or worries regarding Turkish Airlines' revised flying policy.