Secret to Getting Leads with Digital Marketing Technology - 4 minutes read

Secret Of Getting Leads with Digital Marketing Technology

Nowadays most companies are doing SEO, PPC, and Content Marketing. Yet sometimes the company’s are not getting the leads they need. Some businesses get leads — but not quality leads, or they don’t get the leads that fit their expectations.

The main reason a company doesn’t get the leads they need is that they are not completing the actual process of generating leads correctly. If the process is done correctly, the combination of SEO, PPC and content marketing will bring you the leads that you need.

SEO is the process of improving the ranking of your website, and getting traffic on your site. SEO is not just about ranking and not just about traffic. But it’s all about conversions.

If thousands of visitors come to your website — and not a single visitor becomes a lead — then it’s not a great deal.

Share your blog on targeted social media groups like LinkedIn groups, particular niche facebook groups, Twitter also helps you to generate instant and quality traffic, Also Read:

Start PPC campaign for your blog, By setting the proper research campaign, you gain traffic as we wanted, And the main thing is that our blog is already well keyword research, so we have also more chances to gain free organic traffic Here our first task is completed,

Now, after getting traffic to our site our second goal is build the audience who visited our blog, either it is paid audience, either it is free organic audience or either it is the audience that is generated by social promotion, If you don’t know how to store the data that who visited your blog then you have to refer this official blog

Now, this is the final task that is getting leads, After building the audience, it’s time to Provide lead magnet to those who visited your site,

A lead magnet is generally offered free content like ebook, Checklist, Whitepaper, Video, and brochure in exchange for getting users email id’s name and number,

Or We can say that anything that provides the customer to free with the purpose of fill the form and get their details, Believe me guys the most number of successful company use lead magnet for getting leads,

1.) Whenever customer arrived at your blog either your customer come via PPC, wither it comes via Social Media or either they come via organic results. You must show them a popup and show the lead magnets after 40 seconds. 2.) You have to do remarketing (Remarketing is a very very effective technique). Please refer to this blog written by Patel for fantastic techniques about how to set a remarketing campaign.

Remarketing helps you to converts your visitors into purchase free lead magnets, It continuously follows your customers until they didn’t purchase your lead magnet. Once your audience starts purchasing, your database is filling up with the quality names, numbers, and emails.

The conversion ratio of this data is too high, because we know this is the audience that comes via an article. They are purchasing our lead magnet means that the audience is interested in our services.

Now it’s time to sending your business proposals to those people — data (the name, number, and email id) whom you getting by lead magnets. The data generated by the lead magnet is very powerful. The more information you get with the name and number by a lead magnet the more you convert a lead.

If you are CEO, you can share data with your BDE, Lead Generator, or marketing department, and they can easily convert leads by this data. I often call this the 100% genuine technique.

Nowadays most people know how to SEO, PPC, and remarketing. But, try these mixtures and a technique for generating leads.


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