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People who research information on weight loss as well as nutritionists are saying that over 300,000 people each year pass away because of some type of complication with obesity. Obesity is one of the biggest problems in the US today and also proliferates throughout the rest of the world. When you take in more calories than your body can burn off this results in obesity. Fat deposits start accumulating in the belly, butt, upper legs and your waist and a lot of this has to do with a slow metabolism.

Some schools are offering Vegetarian Only Diets to combat the effects of obesity with the younger youths that will be in charge of running america 20 years down the road. And the schools that are offering this are having this diet embraced by the children and parents of these schools. Of course there are a percentage of parents that would rather see their kids stay on a "normal" diet. So the question here is what causes obesity and how can we effectively combat this tragic disease?

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Genetics is one factor in obesity, and it isn't something we can all control. Just because you look at someone that's overweight you can't assume that they are just slobs who don't try to eat right or take care of themselves. Some peoples bodies have problems processing food correctly and have genetic maladjustments. And some people have thyroid glands that don't perform how they should, which causes a genetically slow metabolism and well as fat build up throughout their bodies.

Some people have eating disorders like Bulimia which causes someone to eat until they throw it up. Maybe you've heard of an eating disorder called Pica, which is a disorder where someone will eat anything in sight. I mean even dirt, paper, pencils or anything in their sight. These types of eating disorders can be treated by professionals. And when the subject realizes why they do this, they are able to correct these eating habits so they can return to a normal diet