How to Find and Support Local Black-Owned Businesses - 2 minutes read

Supporting Black businesses can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. Thankfully, several apps have set out to correct that, making it easier to find both common and unique items you need—all provided by Black business owners.

Official Black Wall Street

The Official Black Wall Street app pays tribute to the all-Black community in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which was burned down in the 1920s by white supremacists. The app carries on the legacy of Black commerce by compiling a directory of Black businesses from around the country, using location technology to locate businesses near you.

We Buy Black

We Buy Black calls itself “the Black Amazon,” providing the user with everyday products—from laundry detergent and toothpaste to books and footwear—made by Black companies. The site’s simple layout and clear categories make for such convenient shopping, you’ll wonder if you even need Amazon at all.

Chez nous

While the other apps feature businesses across the United States, Chez nous offers a global listing of BIPOC-, women-, LGBTQIA-owned businesses to choose from. The app updates with new listings every week crowdsourced by consumers and other business owners. The site is beautiful, featuring vibrant imagery and proudly displaying its vision of inclusivity in entrepreneurial success. You can search categories such as music and culture, “ally-approved,” health and wellness, and even job opportunities—and if you feel like browsing, their recommendations section is a useful tool.

Originally posted in 2017, and updated on February 04, 2021 with new recommendations.


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