How do I get through to TAP? - 3 minutes read

TAP Air Portugal is a Portuguese carrier airline that flies to several destinations on domestic and international routes. If you have any booking with this airline and while going through their services, if you face any issue, then you can choose to get through the airline for help. To seek help from them, you can choose the online mode or go through TAP Portugal customer service. There are several modes through which you can contact them. To get through the airline, you can look for ways explained in the content below.

How do I contact TAP?

The call is the best communication mode; you can go through the team by dialing their contact number. To get the number, you can follow the given steps as follows:

•                   Reach the official website and get to the contact page of the airline.

•                   From this page, search for different contact options.

•                   Then, dial the number you get and connect with an executive after going through the IVR well.

•                   Seek the required help from the team for the raised query.

How to get on live chat with TAP?

If you cannot get through the call process upon calling at TAP Portugal phone number, then you can get through them through the live chat mode. It is the best alternative to get real-time help for the raised query. You can get connected to a live agent from the airlines. The same shall provide you with an exact and appropriate solution for the query you have with them.

Can I send an email to TAP Portugal?

Yes, you can choose to send an email to the team. To get through them through email. All you need to do is draft an email in a properly detailed manner and then send the same to the official email address of the airline at The airlines shall get back to you within 24 hours of the time you have sent the mail.

What is the best time to call TAP Portugal?

Though customer service is open 24 hours from Monday to Sunday, there are times when the call and chat line are so busy that you can put them on hold for several hours together. In such a circumstance, you must avoid the peak working hours to contact the airline. You must choose non-peak hours, which are late in the evening or early in the morning, at which you can call the airline and then get the solution from the airline.

What are the different services you can get from TAP Portugal?

The different services you can get help from contacting the customer service team are as follows:

•                   You can avail of lounges at the arrival or destination airport, get on-arrival assistance, get priority baggage and boarding, etc.

•                   The different aircraft services you can get from the airline are seats with extra legroom., choice of seat and meals, welcome drink, wines and beverages, a window seat, comfort items, etc.

•                   You can also avail of help with different online services, such as refund, cancellation, flight change, seat selection, etc.