8 Tips To Lose Weight Fast Within 30 Days - 4 minutes read

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You can slash 10- 15 pounds and lose weight in 30 days and still eat six times a day.Losing weight is that easy when you know these powerful secrets.

Its a fact that most diets give you a plan to lose weight but not how to maintain that weight. Most people want to lose weight now but don't have the patience to plan and apply. Here are 8 proven shortcut tips to lose weight fast, that will speed up weight loss and these tips you can use right now on a daily basis that I think will really make a huge difference to your life if you apply the following:

TIP 1 - Don't ever shop when you are hungry as this will kick in temptation. Too many people love to go food shopping when they are hungry and the problem with that is that they are reacting very much to their emotional cravings. Their emotions are taking over and you will more than likely pick the wrong type of foods.

TIP 2 - Exercise daily -walk for 10 minutes a day, if you can jog for 10 minutes a day even better this is what I do everyday. If you walk then wear proper trainers if you can and wear socks with them and take larger walking strides then your slightly used to that will benefit you greatly.

TIP 3- This is something I do daily and I love it. I Say out loud the positive affirmations to myself self -5 minutes a day. Write out on a piece of paper 10 positive affirmations that will boost your confidence even if is untrue at this moment in time.You see your brain can't tell the difference between reality and make believe. For example 2 of my affirmations are: 1) every day and every way I am feeling more confidence" and 2) "i am a size 14 and loving it", this will instruct a command to your subconscious mind to create this in your reality, very powerful.

TIP 4 - eliminate on a daily basis sugar intake, this will make a huge difference.

TIP 5- eliminate processed foods.These are high in fat, sugar and salt and will cause excess weight gain.

TIP 6- Fitting this weight gain plan into your lifestyle. Try and focus 1 hour a day to getting this area of your life handled.Read books and DVD's on the subject, get advice, meet people similar to you, go on forums, educate your self on foods etc, by focusing on it daily you will get ideas and new strategies for success

TIP 7- There is nothing less satisfying then eating standing up in front of the open fridge door. You may be consuming the right foods in the right quantities but you wont feel like you have eaten properly, you'll feel like you have picked at things and nibbled which means you will feel grumpy and tired. So always arrange to put your food on a plate. You may even think why should I bother I'm in a big rush, but I tell you it only takes 15 seconds to get a plate out, chop a few tomatoes, lettuce etc. The more you stand up eating, you will have cravings for more food which is a no no.

TIP 8- Make some lunch at home and take it with you to work, that way your watching what you eat and will save you time and money getting food at lunch. It will also guarantee you will be eating the right foods too and avoid the temptation for sugar foods.

I hope you have enjoyed these 8 tips to lose weight fast and I suggest you use these daily to see real results. To lose weight now you really have have to focus on it and take consistent action.

To Lose weight in 30 days is a very achievable goal and make a huge difference to your confidence and lifestyle.