You Can Manifest Your Perfect Life - 2 minutes read

Do you know that you can manifest your perfect life? Sounds far-fetched? OK, let me go a bit further. The life you are living now, you manifested it through your thoughts and your emotions and your subconscious. Yes, yes, I know. It was the hand you were dealt with in life. You may have had a rotten childhood and it resulted in the life you are now living.

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Your perfect life is not going to come to you just because you think it. It takes more than thinking. It takes doing the necessary internal work that will help you become more aligned with what you desire externally. Because if your internal self is not congruent with feeling and wanting great things, your external self will not attain it.

Your Perfect Life is an outpouring from your Highest Self, that is your Spiritual Self. But it needs to have a firm and solid Human foundation beneath it. So take the time to go within you and clean out the outdated thoughts, heal old wounds, forgive yourself.

Maybe you need to break down the foundation of your life that was built based upon other people's thoughts and influence. It is now time to rebuild your foundation based upon what you desire for your life. Little by little you are now creating and manifesting your perfect life.

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