Aspen After Surgery Center Reveals Breast Augmentation Complications and Their Treatment! - 4 minutes read

Every woman wants to feel confident and attractive about her body! Breasts play a crucial role in making women think so, hence the importance of breast augmentation procedures. However, despite all medical procedure precautions, there could be a development of breast implant complications that are beyond anyone's control. You can consider these breast augmentation problems as a natural body response, so it differs from person to person. Capsular Contracture is the most common breast augmentation complication faced by women, but the best part is that there are treatments that are non-surgical to cure capsular Contracture. Aspen After Surgery Center provides the best treatment to cure your capsular Contracture. Click here to learn more!

Let's understand the various breast augmentation problems that you could face!

Risk 1: Capsular Contracture

The condition of capsular Contracture as one of the most commonly faced breast implant complications is the outcome of the capsule not developing correctly. What happens is that either the capsule over-develops or insufficiently develops. So when the capsule over-develops, the scar tissue becomes firm or thick, tightening the skin around it. In contrast, in the case of an insufficiently developed capsule, an unstable implant may occur that may slide out of place.

Risk 2: Infection

You could develop an infection within two to three weeks after the breast augmentation procedure. When this kind of breast augmentation complication occurs, you could experience fever and redness.

Risk 3: Rupture and leakage

In this kind of breast augmentation problem, the inflammation occurs in the capsule with a rupture that leads to a thicker capsule. The rupture could also distort the size and shape of the breast.

What could cause breast augmentation problems-Capsular contracture?

Causes Of Capsular Contracture

You will be surprised to know that the actual cause for capsular Contracture remains unknown. However, research and studies say that infection, radiation therapy, large implant, or breast trauma could cause capsular Contracture owing to fluid collection around the breast implant after surgery and bleeding under the skin.


Effective Treatment by Aspen After Surgery Center to cure breast implant complications

Aspen After Surgery Center provides the most effective treatment to cure the most common breast augmentation complication- Capsular Contracture. Aspen Rehab Therapy, a non-invasive therapeutic method, is a super effective treatment. Aspen Rehabilitation, a post-plastic surgery treatment at, specializes in this non-surgical, safe, and painless treatment. This treatment restores your breast shape, symmetry, and softness.

The Aspen Ultrasound Therapy at Aspen After Surgery Center

Did you know that ultrasound therapy has been around in the medical world for a long? It has been around for years together now in the medical world and is used for several conditions. The Aspen ultrasound therapy is an excellent option for resolving capsular Contracture- breast augmentation problems! The Aspen technology has been well researched for over 15 years and is developed specifically to tackle the breast augmentation complication-capsular Contracture. This ultrasound therapy combines unique technology with treatment methods that support to cure of 90% of patients with capsular Contracture. Trained medical experts conduct the treatment at

You would be happy to know that people who undergo surgery to cure their capsular contracture condition have a significant failure rate compared to the Aspen System treatment. Opt for a safe, non-invasive, and pain-free procedure at Aspen After Surgery Center. Moreover, the experts use the Aspen Harmonizer that supports to restore the shape, symmetry and softness of the breast.

Moreover, the Aspen method reduces the reoccurrence of the capsular Contracture- breast augmentation problems. Patients who have undergone this treatment also share that it proves to be more economical and experience no post-procedural downtime. The Aspen treatment method is an excellent option for you if your condition of capsular Contracture is in Grade II or III. However, if you are on Grade IV, the Aspen After Surgery Center experts may need to recommend a capsulectomy- a surgical procedure to remove the breast implant capsule.


You surely don't wish to develop breast implant complications like capsular Contracture, but even if you do, don't worry. There are treatments at that can bring you back to normalcy. Please book your appointment with their medical experts to know more about the treatments offered. Click here to get started.