A boxing Gym in Columbus, Ohio that you can Trust- Brandon's Gym! - 4 minutes read

Your fitness journey starts by choosing the best boxing gyms in Columbus, Ohio, which is just right for you and comes with expert trainers and experience. Now you would say. 'why kickboxing in Columbus, Ohio?' As described by Alexandra and Brandon from Brandon's Gym, boxing has been one of the most beloved combat sports for decades. It dates back to the 3rd millennium B.C. when ancient Egyptians used to wrap their hands and fight with their fists for sport! It has become one of the most viable health and fitness options for keeping healthy and fit. Finding boxing gyms in Columbus, Ohio, to attend a boxing class is much in demand for many fitness enthusiasts today! Visit brandonsgym.com to learn more about their gym trainers and expertise.

The Trainers at the boxing gyms in Columbus, Ohio, you choose matter!

If you are on your way to learning kickboxing in Columbus, Ohio, then just choosing any random gym will surely not work! The boxing gym in Columbus, Ohio, that you may choose is only as good as the people who teach there. A trainer's experience and expertise are crucial to putting you on the right track of your fitness journey. Your trainer is responsible for laying down the foundation of your techniques. Brandon Willis from Brandon's Gym comes with intense training in BJJ and has also done kickboxing with the world-renowned Sam Jones in Glouster, Ohio. He comes with the simple belief that every "fighter" should have a striking skill set (boxing, kickboxing), a takedown skill set (wrestling) and, of course, ground fighting (Jiu Jitsu).

Also, it would be best if you learned kickboxing in Columbus, Ohio, with an accommodating and approachable trainer. That's exactly what you get when you train at Brandon's Gym. The trainers there teach when you have questions and correct your mistakes without being condescending. Try your first class at brandongym.com.

Why Brandon's Gym?

Brandon's Gym is the most recommended boxing gym in Columbus, Ohio, because it provides a transformation process to you with life-changing results in sport and fitness. The trainers there assess your fitness needs closely and respond with custom-tailored training solutions!

Fitness Programs are offered at Brandon's Gym.

Besides being the best Gym for kickboxing in Columbus, Ohio, Brandon Willis offers many other fitness programs that include:


1.    GRAPPLING PROGRAM offers access to BJJ group classes.

2.    The striking Program (Boxing/Kickboxing) gives access to special group classes.

MMA Program gives access to ALL striking and grappling group classes. It is

1.    A comprehensive program to build a skill set possible without private tutoring.

2.    The Intensive Program offers access to full MMA program group classes with additional private lessons each week.

3.    A program to become a trainer yourself!

4.    You can also access 30+ core techniques required to earn your blue belt.

5.    Striking/BJJ /MMA Private Lessons consist of one-on-one lessons for BJJ or any mix of Striking/BJJ/MMA.

6.    Strength & Conditioning comprises one-on-one private training with a personalized plan to increase your athletic performance.

7.    Cardio Kickboxing equips you with the proper techniques of kickboxing as well as getting in your cardio workout.

You get all under one roof at the best boxing gyms in Columbus, Ohio-Brandon's Gym.

What does a kickboxing in Columbus, Ohio, at Brandon's Gym look like?

Step #1: Warm Up!

The beginning is always with a warm-up when you take up your kickboxing classes in Columbus, Ohio, at Brandon's Gym to prevent any injury and get your body ready for high-intensity training! What would you be for warm-up? Well, jumping footwork, jogging, crawling, and stretches are what to expect.

Step #2: Drills

Doing the drills is the next workout routine in kickboxing. You learn the correct technique for stance, footwork, jab, cross and hooks, and combinations.

Step # 3: Mitt Work

Mitt's work is crucial in your kickboxing classes in Columbus Ohio, as it helps you visualise your target and recognize when punches are being thrown at you.

Step # 4: Bag Work

Bag work permits you to practice your combinations at your own pace at the best boxing gyms in Columbus, Ohio-Brandon's Gym.

Step # 5: Conditioning

We also start with circuit training such as burpees, ab workouts, lunges, and much more to get your heart rate up.

Step # 6: Cooldown

Cooling your body down is important at the end of your kickboxing workout session.

What is stopping you? Get started today with Brandon's Gym on your fitness journey.